Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sex slave anger

Birmingham Mail: Anger as sex slave girl found in brothel

Now, I wouldn't normally run this story because of the subject matter. But then, I realised the immense photoshop job done on Supernun by the Mail. Above you see her outside a knocking shop. But where - you ask - was the original pose taken? Why, in a church!

+1,000,000 points

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TRT said...

Same thing, isn't it?

isolator42 said...

Sex slave?
Nun for me thanks.

Jesus of Shagging 60yr old Nuns in Brum up the Bum said...

"The nun, who is in her 60s, said: “I worked with a girl from China who is now being cared for. The police found her in a cage in a city brothel. She did not even know which country she was in."

To be honest the brummie accent could confuse even an english person!

Oh...and I have had the nun...and she loved it!