Friday, February 10, 2012

Door mat anger

Victoria Herald Sun: Woman's anger as door mat is confiscated by housing complex

"I'd take part in a detailed search for her doormat"

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RobinOfLocksley said...

Don't ask me why, but I knew this would be from an Australian paper as soon as I saw that woman. Shame about the doormat but look on the bright side:- You "live in the best city in the world". Apparently.

TRT said...

I'd gladly tear up the rug at the doors of her love palace.

The Owl Wood said...

I confiscated a Porsche once when I worked as a car-park attendant, but the Police made me give it back.

isolator42 said...

There she is, on the floor... WELCOME written right across her.

If she was left unattended in that position I'd take her too.