Monday, February 28, 2011

Lack of water anger

Manchester Evening News: Fury as posh flats left without water for four days

How desperate do you have to be to allow yourself to be photographed in your dressing gown?

Spotter's Badge: Maria

Justin Bieber haircut anger

Sunshine Coast Daily: Christian school demands kid has Justin Bieber haircut ...err... cut

And after a lengthy absence, the majestic Sunshine Coast Daily returns to these pages. Welcome back!

Spotter's Badge: Rob

Parking Ticket anger

Grimsby Telegraph: Driver livid as traffic warden can't tell the difference between AM and PM on car park ticket

Check out the furrowed brow! "I'd park in her space for the whole day."

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Not dead anger

This is Somerset: Angry man told to repay benefits on account of his being dead

"I'm feeling better"

Spotter's Badge: Robert

Mould anger

Newmarket Journal: Mould in new home 'ruining my health'

"I wouldn't mind ruining her health"

Spotter's Badge: Mark

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bird-feeding anger

York Press: Pensioner warned over leaving bread out for the birds

Whoever wrote the "And you will know Elsie by her trail of bread" comment: GENIUS

Royal Mail Anger

Get Surrey: Residents furious after delays to mail

That guy looks fit to explode.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Chopper Anger

Oxford Mail: Call to chop councillors after trees are felled

"I'd come after her with my chopper"

Purple-haired mum anger

Northants Evening Telegraph: Teen's entire future ruined - RUINED - after bus pass is refused

Twenty years from now, you'll be in the local rag, hair dyed purple, complaining about your daughter's hover-rocket-monorail pass. MARK MY WORDS.

Spotter's Badge: Jim

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Running track anger

Saddleworth News: Campaigners livid at plans to remove athletics track

I've been cutting back on the crowd scenes on this site, but this one is truly special

Spotter's Badge: Richard

Swimming pool anger

Stirling Times: Strewth! Where's our swimming pool, you drongos?

Yeah, about that. See that large body of water nearby? It's called the sea.

Spotter's Badge: Kim

Catalytic converter anger

Wokingham Times: Portable loo company boss furious as catalytic converters stolen from vans

In fact, his business has gone (oh-ho!) right down the shitter.

Spotter's Badge: Adam

Phone mast anger

This is Hull and East Riding: Rally as planners ignore petition to halt phone mast

Because we haven't wheeled out the "Mast debate" gag for months

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Advertising board anger

East Grinstead Courier and Observer: Anger at advertising board restrictions

Enjoy? I couldn't if you paid me

Spotter's Badge: Skuds

Blocked toilet anger

Southern Gazette: Strewth! My dunny's been blocked for five years

He must be desperate.

Spotter's Badge: Kim

Dead rabbit anger

Bournemouth Echo: Campaigners fight to save bunnies from road development

I'm with the council on this. In fact, I wrote a poem:

I've got an evil rabbit
Who's got a nasty habit
Of murder.


Carnival of Cuts anger

Bexley News Shopper: Carnival of Cuts taking place outside council office

I think there’s a letter missing in that title

Spotter's Badge: Peter

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Housing plans anger

Westmoreland Gazette: Residents oppose housing plans

Our spotter tells us that you could hide an airport in the area and nobody would notice

Spotter's Badge: Mark

No end to the bloody potholes anger

This is Kent: Plastic Pete vows actual painful death over pothole woe

Never mind the little plastic smile, this chap's LIVID

Spotter's Badges: Alex, Hold the Front Page

Legal bill anger

Edinburgh News: Anger as legal bill in community centre row hits £50,000

Just think. That money could have bought FIVE MILLION penny chews, and everybody would have been happy.

Spotter's Badge: Caroline

Angry flower anger

Cambridge News: Plant 'livid' as weeds move in next door


Spotter's Badge: James

Wind turbine anger

Swindon Advertiser: Residents hand in petition against wind turbines at whopping great car plant, the irony being completely lost

NIMBYism at its finest

Monday, February 21, 2011

Porno anger

Northcote Leader: Fury as porn movie shot on local balcony

And the ACTUAL filth:

I am disgust.

Spotter's Badge and Gold Star: Chris

More more more more more pothole anger

Pothole - oh-ho! - Pendle Today: Colne resident demands repairs to pothole road

Nothing like a good croucher. Well crouched, sir!

More more more more more more pothole anger

Hampshire Chronicle: Winchester resident fumes as chippings from pothole damages home

"I'd brush up the contents of her pothole"

Erosion anger

Somewhere in Australia Weekend Courier: Aussie bloke fights losing battle to save beaches

By Tammy Lovett. I bet she does.

Spotter's Badge: Kim

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Noisy neighbours anger

Bournemouth Echo: Poole man crosses his arms in fury as council refuses to help over noisy neighbours

At the risk of taking the law into your own hands: Crap through their letterbox - it's the only language these curs understand. And when you've finished, the neighbours as well.

Spotter's Badge: @hp88

Pothole/Escaped horse anger

Wolverhampton Express and Star: Angry milkman keeps diary of woe over potholes and escaped horses. yeah: HORSES

Blimey - people still have milk delivered? In bottles?

Illiterate dog anger

Portsmouth News: Family launches poster campaign against dog mess

No good. My dog got stuck on the long words

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Good grief - even more pothole anger

Essex Echo: Potholes 'have turned road into a minefield'

A minefield, you say? Where's Princess Diana when you need her?

Dead? DEAD? Why didn't anybody say?

Postbox anger

Derby Telegraph: Row between Village of the Damned and Royal Mail over removed post box rumbles on

"I could kill you with a thought"

Halal meat anger

Keighley News: Woman OUTRAGED to discover that KFC serves halal chicken

Oh, good grief. Meat is dead stuff, no matter to which invisible sky zombie it is dedicated. And on a personal note, don't you think it's time to give the takeaways a rest?

Spotter's Badge: Jamie

Friday, February 18, 2011

Noisy neighbour anger

Brighton Argus: Woman forced to sleep in car to escape noisy neighbours

...with a picture of what a woman sleeping in a car might look like

Spotter's Badge: Skuds

70 car crashes anger

Derby Telegraph: Couple flee home after 70th car crash outside property

With 69 out of the 70 caused by drivers blinded by his coat

Spotter's Badge: Clive

Parking charge anger

Hendon and Finchley Times: Tory MP slams council car parking charge hike

"I say! How do you work this thing? My chauffeur normally handles this side of the business"

Spotter's Badge: David

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Police cuts anger

North Star News: Anger at 'devious' police cuts

Scrub your brain, that's police CUTS

Spotter's Badge: Dave

Tax office anger

Bournemouth Echo: Woman ages thirty-seven years waiting on phone for Tax Office

"I'd leave her in a somewhat taxed condition"

Dog crap on the pitch anger

Oxford Mail: Footballers upset as dogs leave turds on their pitch

As any football fan would tell you: "You're shit ...AAAAGH!"

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Robbery not-angry-at-all

Manchester Evening News: Waiters fight off armed robbers with bottles of mineral water

Brilliant. Just Brilliant.

Spooter's Badge: Adrian

Panto anger

Edinburgh News: Mum's anger as son locked insdie theatre

Serves him right for being called *cough* Scottish Play.

Spotter's Badge: Caroline

Town centre anger

Peterborough Today: Town centre cable repairs bring misery for traders

It's like a publicity photo for a 1980s New Rom band

Spotter's Badge: Hannah

Estate Agent Anger

London Evening Standard: Fury as estate agent calls house buyer obnoxious


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Boulder anger

Edinburgh News: Radio DJs crash their cars into rocks in the road

Heh. Rock DJ.

Ok, I'll shut up.

Spotter's Badge: Caroline

Building site anger

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Residents block entrance to building site in protest

No. No. No. Probably. No. Would block her site entrance.

Tesco anger

Wales Online: Pensioner's nightmare as Tesco moves in next door

Could be worse. Could be students

Spotter's Badge: Radnor Man

Monday, February 14, 2011

Bad smell anger

Somewhere in Australia Weekend Courier: Water company's apology for bad smell

There are not nearly enough holding-your-nose pictures on this blog. Fixed.

Spotter's Badge: Kim

Fire station anger

Essex Echo: Hot MP hears firefighters' fears over budget cuts

"Were she not a Tory, I'd let her slide down my pole"

Dog bin anger

Lancashire Evening Post: Dog owners angry as poop bins filled to brim

"My dog's only got one ear"

"Heard it"

Boiler anger

Brecon Today: Pensioner left in the cold over boiler dispute

"We need to look literal. Act cold."

"But it's lovely out..."


Spotter's Badge: Radnor Man