Monday, March 31, 2014

Bad E-fit triple bill

Blackmore Vale Magazine: Watch stolen

Sheffield Star: Domestic robbery

Wakefield Express: House break-in

Don't have nightmares

Water leak anger

Eastbourne Herald: Woman upset over water leak

A veritable deluge.

Tattoo parlour anger

Lancashire Telegraph: Thieves walk away with businessman's safe

Where does he have his shop? In a cave?

Spotter's Badge: Karen, Dan

St Patrick's Day anger

Reading Post: Mum decides against school uniform on St Patrick's Day and wonders why teachers have a problem with this

Yeah, I know. Top buttons done up.

Spotter's Badge: Graham

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bad E-fit

Ipswich Star: This man has done some Bad Things

Though not as bad as the artist.

Don't have nightmares.

Angry geese anger

Hartlepool Mail: Mum's warning as goose steals daughter's cheese sandwich

Back in the day, the locals would have hung it as a spy

Crazy paving anger

Cambridge News: Council forced to abandon plan to tarmac over paving slabs

A perfect example of synchronised fury.

Spotter's Badge: Mark, Kate

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sexist sign anger

Daventry Express: Bloke annoyed by 'Mother and Child' signs

Get back to your 'Bloke Car' spaces at the back of the car park mate, he says, joking.

Spotter's Badge: Hazel, Stegzy

Bus lane anger

Manchester Evening News: Camera catches 14,000 drivers using bus lane

Stop driving in the bus lane, then.

Spotter's Badge: Simon

Psycho anger

Hull Daily Mail: 'Psycho' lesson at school leaves kid too scared to use the bathroom

The comedian David Mitchell aged 12, there

Spotter's Badge: Ian

Friday, March 28, 2014

Don't Get Angry, Get On TV

I've been approached by the well-known TV production company Mentorn and asked if I can help them in their search for participants in a forthcoming programme called Angry Britain.

The producers tell me it will be "an in depth look into whether Britain is becoming an angry nation and why. Using self-shot footage by ordinary people in everyday situations, we want to find out what makes Brits lose their temper, what our trigger points are, and how we all deal with volatile and confrontational situations. The programme will include expert analysis, interviews and first hand witness accounts from across the country."

So. They're "looking to speak to people with footage of an angry incident occurring…It might be through passion, someone's ineptness or just something silly- any story about anger would be useful."

Is this you? Contact Robyn Stephenson at Mentorn or call 020 7258 6703 if you think you can help.


Hostel anger

Sunderland Echo: Councillor not impressed by plans to convert slum into hostel

Seen recently on these pages decrying a local rub-and-tug shop.

Spotter's Badge: Anthony

Chicken rustlers anger

Portsmouth News: Kids sad after chickens stolen

Textbook sad kids, with the girl on the left amply illustrating what a stolen chicken might look like.

Spotter's Badge: Jonathan

Practical joke anger

Basingstoke Gazette: Mum's dismay as joke 'bomb bag' pushed through her cat flap


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Too young for spoons anger

Rossendale Free Press: Tesco refuses to sell spoon to teenagers

They're right because spoons are dangerous - I once saw one destroy an entire planet.

Come to think of it, that might have been Darth Vader.

Spotter's Badge: TRT

Swimming pool hyperbole anger

Bournemouth Echo: Visit to the swimming pool ENDS IN DISASTER*

"I'm not really a welder you know"

Spotter's Badge: Kevin

*Mild inconvenience

Dog mess anger

Hull Daily Mail: The usual about turds

But bloody hell - Danny Baker's let himself go

Spotter's Badge: Ian, L0wey

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bowling club anger

Llanelli Star: Bowls club forced to close

That's fine formation fury, gentlemen

Spotter's Badge: Rob J

Swimming 'Poo' Anger

Stoke Sentinel: Man falls ill after swimming in pool full of turds

Excellent use of props. If it was any warmer, I dare say they might have got him to pose in budgie smugglers

Spotter's Badge: Chris

Zebra crossing anger

Essex Echo: Man fined for 'stopping at zebra crossing'

...and letting someone out of his car. Nice try, dad.

 Essex Echo: Still angry, and so's my son

Spotter's Badge: Barry, Cora

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lap dancing anger

Essex Echo: Fury as Basildon town centre crosses the lap dancing event horizon

Soon, there'll be no nothing but lap dancing clubs, frequented by starving citizens with nothing else to do. A nightmare scenario.

Spotter's Badge: Barry

Tree surgeons anger

Epping Forest Guardian: Bloke pays far too much to have workmen hack away at his trees like Dr Nick from The Simpsons

Pecker Trees. Heh. "Pecker".

Spotter's Badge: Beth

Train weed anger

Portsmouth News: Train company criticised over lack of action on weed

It's incredible what first class passengers get these days


Spotter's Badge: Jon

Monday, March 24, 2014

Community centre anger

Bromley News Shopper: Anger at plans to replace community centre with flats

Wait... his mobility scooter has a front spoiler. How fast does it go?

Spotter's Badge: Neil

Nursery scrapyard anger

Essex Echo: Kids banned from playground over dangers from scrapyard next door

Hell, in my day, the scrapyard would have been the playground

Spotter's Badge: Barry

Berlin Wall anger

West Sussex County Times: Residents furious at Network Rail over erection of 'Berlin Wall' at the bottom of their gardens

By which they mean they'll get shot by a Russian guard if they try to cross over. Harsh, Network Rail, harsh.

Spotter's Badge: Skuds

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Buggy collapse anger

Bolton News: Mum's horror as buggy collapses in the middle of the road

"How does a mum like this have a £390 buggy?" The commentards bleat.

"By having a job. You should try it" comes the reply.

Over in one.

Spotter's Badge: Karen

Dog mess anger again

Redditch Standard: Signs to encourage dog owners to clean up their poop

Crafty two fingers, there

Car showroom anger

Portsmouth News: The Man stops car dealership from expanding

...despite locals seemingly quite happy with the idea. Damn you, The Man.

Spotter's Badge: Jon

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Biker gang anger

Melbourne Age: Bikies muscle in on local car wash businesses

Our spotter says: "The online link doesn’t quite capture the anger like the print copy" --- and she's right!

Spotter's Badge: Rosie

Probabtion officers anger

Swindon Adver: Probation officers to strike because of THATCHER

Some fine individual performances here

See also:

 Lancashire Telegraph: Legal Aid lawyers strike because of THATCHER

Thatcher, everybody. THATCHER.

Spotter's Badge: Paul, Karen


Stirling Observer: Mums protest against local sex offender

"Peado" KLAXON

Spotter's Badge: Adam

Friday, March 21, 2014

Oatcake scam anger

Stoke Sentinel: People of Stoke rise in fury over doorstep oatcake-selling scam

In summary: The most Stoke headline you will ever see. STOKE.

Spotter's Badge: Ellie

Funeral home anger

Get West London: Undertakers stiffed by BT

I bet the phone company tried to bury their complaint.

See what I did there?

Spotter's Badge: Dan

Wheelchair anger

Swindon Adver: 91-year-old told she can't keep her wheelchair in communal area of flats

Plenty of "Death to the Jobsworths" in the comments if you're into that sort of thing.

Spotter's Badge: Chalos

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Not a numpty anger

Halifax Courier: OUTRAGE as teacher calls small boy a 'numpty'

No good can come out of this

Spotter's Badge: Ross, Ben

Double glazing anger

Essex Echo: Customers 'ripped off' by double glazing company

Double Glazing. The Lord Voldemort of the retail world.

Spotter's Badge: Barry

Pub closure anger

Kidderminster Shuttle: Fight to save local pubs

Although one person seems not to be too bothered

Spotter's Badge: Peter

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Skateboard ramp anger

Ham and High Broadway: Residents furious as skateboard ramp 'dumped' at local beauty spot

Even squirrel like to skateboard. Why do you hate squirrels?

Spotter's Badge: Nat

Can't count anger

Portsmouth News: Hundreds of club members 'gutted' as building damaged by storm

I count 26.

Spotter's Badge: Jon

Fancy dress shop anger

Dorset Echo: Fury as vandals smash fancy dress shop door

Ah, Abbotsbury Road, twinned with Gomorrah

Spotter's Badge: Christina

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Horse manure anger

Otago Daily Times: Man somewhat against the 'ridiculous' idea of horse poo bins

But not against the idea of picking up horse turds with his bare hands

The ODT is rapidly emerging as one of our favourite news sources. As usual, please click through to support local journalism.

Spotter's Badge: Anna

Storm damage anger

Wirral Globe: Councillor angry at slow page of storm repair works


Spotter's Badge: Mal

Homes plan anger

Essex Echo: Fury over plans to "merge" Basildon and Billericay

"Simon Bird from The Inbetweeners is looking old these days"

Spotter's Badge: Barry

Flood defences anger

Portsmouth News: Councillor wants money spent on flood defences

That makes Dawlish falling into the sea look like a trip to the local paddling pool.

Spotter's Badge: Jon

Monday, March 17, 2014

Tesco pedantry anger

Shepton Mallet Journal: No vouchers for kid who spotted grammatical error on juice cartons

As one wag told me: there goes a future leader of the Conservative party

Spotter's Badge: Everybody