Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dog mess OUTRAGE

Penarth Times: Baying hate mob in a rage over dog turds

There's your culprit - front left, big nose, pretending we haven't seem him.

Anger at the gym

Swindon Advertiser: Gym boss faces legal action over sign

We might suggest that he work all this anger off by looking through a peep-hole into the showers a good, hard session on the weights.

Angry Bears

Shoreham Herald: Teddy bears banned from High Street

Also banned: Thermo-nuclear weapons, Jeremy Clarkson.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Angry chemist

Bucks Free Press: Chemist angry over closure threat

How angry is this man? Very angry, according to the Bucks Free Press; and - according to our spotter - we finally have evidence of Vogon infiltration into the pharmaceutical industry.

Spotter: Susan Clarke

Point and shoot

Bournemouth Echo: Shopping centre deserted as roadworks block access

A true classic of the "Pointing as the source of my anger" school of press photography. While this is usually reserved for dog turds, potholes or dead rats, the Echo scores extra points for managing an entire shopping arcade in Boscombe.

The Bournemouth Echo - WE SALUTE YOU!

And now, some kittens

Mindful of the fact that too many angry people on a single webpage may make the internet actually explode, we feel it our duty to expand the remit of these pages to include soothing pictures of Kittens-In-The-News every now and then.

No need to thank us. Just doing our duty.

Bournemouth Echo: Basket of cute, fluffy kittens LEFT TO DIE, don't actually die.

For angry purists, the one at the back looks a bit miffed.

Angela Smith, MP for Angryville

Basildon Echo: Tennants sad at demolition of local hovel

A double first: Our first "Sad rather than angry" and our first angry member of parliament (angry yellow scarf).

Think of the children

Warrington Guardian: Parents in panic over school places

Who's the angriest in this shot? My money's on the mum in the pink top. I give her eight angry points out of ten.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

"I don't want to send my child to a concentration camp"

Metro: Fury as naughty pupils locked in cupboard


When I was a kid, they'd stick us in t'coalhole and keep us there for a whole week just for speaking out of turn before flogging us within an inch of our lives. And we were thankful if they spared our lives.

(And a big "Up yours" to the Clacton and Frinton Gazette for not bothering to put pictures on their website)

Spotter: Sally Draper

Playground Anger

Penarth Times: Enraged parents not mentioned at all in news report

... but are nevertheless captioned "ANGRY" just to make sure.

Political correctness gone mad, on acid

Watford Observer: Council bans parents from children's playgrounds

strikes Watford - won't anyone think of the children? Anyone apart from the PEDALOS, who think of the children all the time, obviously.

Rage against THE MAN

Lynn News: Mum, husband, kids seething over booze ban

"Mam! I want booze on my Alpen!"

"Shut up and scowl for the camera. Grrrr."

She also appears to be married to Robbie Coltraine.

Accrington Stanley? Oo are they?

Lancashire Telegraph: Angry kids hold vigil for Accrington Stanley

Angry dog is angry

Basingstoke Gazzette: Dogs barking mad over park ban, bad pun

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

That old 'tree fellers' gag

Stretford Messenger: Fury over felled tree

Tree fellers? You can't fool me, there's five of 'em.


I might also like to say, apropos of nothing, "touching wood".

Spotter: Richard McKeever

Rat/bottom interface

Greenwich News Shopper: Woman bitten on bum by toilet rat

A local news classic from 2008. Note the "Su Pollard" stance perfected through years parked in front of repeats of "Hi-De-Hi!".

Spotter: Nigel Lindsay

Norma Cross = Very cross

Waltham Forest Guardian: Confusion as council refuses to repair potholes

"I've already lost Doreen down there," says seething OAP, "Heaven knows who could be next."

Angry of Glasgow

Glasgow Evening Times: Is this Glasgow's biggest pothole?

In the words of TV's John Leslie: "Help ma boab"

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Angry in the news

GAAAAAAAH! We've made the press already with a write-up in London's Metro newspaper.

And now, the scowling news.

It's made us so angry, we're now going to have to be photographed pointing angrily at our own press coverage, and this turn of events could actually break the internet.

This also means that we're also going to have to keep doing this site. GAAAAAAH!

4,000 holes in Laindon, Essex

Basildon Echo: Rat-run road full of potholes

A true classic of the genre - angry people pointing forlornly at a hole in the road. Newspaper photography at its best.

Village hall

Oxford Mail: Old person single-handedly propping up village hall

Classic solo anger from a bloke done up in his finest. Any angrier and he might just explode.

Hallowe'en misery

Dorset Echo: Open-air pumpkin party disappears

"Come on. Scowl for the camera. SCOWL! Pretend your dog's just been run over or something"

Sausage woman anger

Reading Evening Post: Naked neighbour put me off men. And sausages.

I know what you're thinking. Ronnie Barker's really let himself go.

And dip me in sausage meat and call me Daisy - there's a follow-up

 Reading Evening Post: Sausage woman pleased as sausage man's appeal refused

One presumes she is now tentatively nibbling on a saveloy following this outcome.

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