Monday, February 29, 2016

Garden waste bin anger

York Press: Man sells his wheelie bin with far-too-jokey Ebay listing after council brings in £38 charge for garden waste collections

"As of today, it has had no bids"

Spotter's Badge: Jim

Please don't drive your bus over our garden anger

North Somerset Times: Bus drives over residents' gardens when it can't get through on the road

All lined up there like a 1950s doo-wop act

Spotter's Badge: Neil

Broken manhole cover anger

Canterbury Times: Broken manhole cover 'is like Chinese water torture'

I like your trainers. Give me your trainers.

Spotter's Badge: Michael

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Curry spillage anger

North Devon Journal: Family seek compensation after tanker spilled its cargo of curry waste over their property

I repeat: A tanker full of curry waste.

Curry. Waste.

Spotter's Badge: James

Washing machine anger

Sheffield Star: Man calls for boycott of Currys after being sworn at by phone operator

Good luck with that, mate.

Spotter's Badge: Geoff

Business park anger

Essex Echo: Pollution fears put business park plans at risk

More Canvey council officials, more shit hi-viz tabards. Get a grip, you JOKE.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Car windscreen anger

Hull Daily Mail: Man waits five months for Autoglass to replace his car windscreen

Those novelty sun shields just get weirder and weirder

Spotter's Badge: Gary, Chris

Tumble dryer anger

Swindon Advertiser: Woman soiling herself in fear after finding her tumble dryer is subject to a safety recall

See, they've become sentient, and there's a risk they will rise up and smash their fleshy masters (or mistresses)

Spotter's Badge: Craig

Sweary T-shirt anger

Melville Times: Woman is so angry at this T-shirt, so goes back to the shop and buys one

Sound logic there, keeping it out of the hands of the kiddiewinks

Spotter's Badge: Daniel

Friday, February 26, 2016

Not particularly keen on the circle of life anger

Hull Daily Mail: Resident claims peregrine falcons living at Beverley Minster with God's permission are killing local song birds

"Mrs Cox said she has put up net curtains so she cannot see piles of feathers in the garden."

Oh, fair enough then. Sod you, God.

Spotter's Badge: Ian

No street sign anger

Doncaster Free Press: Delivery chaos as developers neglect to install street name signs

I'm calling this one "Doncaster Gothic"

Spotter's Badge: Rob T

Postcode mix-up anger

Swindon Advertiser: Couple suffer ten years of postal chaos due to wrong postcode

Bloke at the back doing a Ron.

Spotter's Badge: David

Pet food factory anger

East Anglia Daily Times: Pet food factory still smells horrible despite switch to Soylent Green

Fine gurning, but loses marks for lack of nose-holding

Spotter's Badge: DH

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Dog poo treasure trove anger

Manawatu Standard: Residents discover secret stash of bags full of turds in the hedge outside their home

This is why we started this website. Fine, fine posing. Take a bow, lensman David Unwin.

Spotter's Badge: Geoffrey

Allotment closure anger

Didcot Herald: Campaign to save allotments from the developers

Good to see Andy Warhol looking so spritely.

Spotter's Badge:Alfalfa

Curry fight anger

Hull Daily Mail: Only here for the "ARGY BHAJI" headline

Somebody dialed naan naan naan and the police came.

Spotter's Badge: Sue

Your heroes will always let you down anger

Manchester Evening News: Man City fan gets player's autograph tattooed on his leg. Player leaves club and subsequently admits child sex offences. Sadface, regret ensues

He's got a huge one of Rolf Harris on his back as well*.

*Lie. He has not got a Rolf Harris tattoo.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Path to nowhere anger

Braintree and Witham Times: Simple Essex folk flummoxed by sudden end to new footpath, despite clear indications that the work isn't yet finished

This photo has everything: A kiddiewink. A dog. The object of the man's anger. And the subject himself, perfectly expressing his anger and puzzlement through the medium of mime.

Spotter's Badge: Patrick

Rude voicemail anger

Lancashire Evening Post: Woman left obscene voicemail message after council workers don't realise they hadn't put down the phone

Not entirely keen on that wallpaper, so I'm siding with the sexist pigs.

Too long on a sunbed anger

Manchester Evening News: Nobody told me you shouldn't use a sunbed for 32 minutes in a single day, claims alleged model

So now you know. Let this be a warning to you.

(Now that this one's live on the website, it's making me feel a bit sick and put me off my bacon bap)

Spotter's Badge: Charlotte

Abandoned car anger

Portsmouth News: Nobody can do anything about car dumped outside woman's house

Hotwire, pimp it up, turn it into your passion wagon. I dunno.

Spotter's Badge: Jonathan

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Post box theft anger

Eastern Daily Press: Scumbags steal village's historic Victorian post box

So if somebody offers you an old post box in the pub at a ridiculously cheap price, that phone number again: 999.

Spotter's Badge: Edel, Dave

Can't get enough of that dog poo anger

Great Yarmouth Mercury: Plea to stop dog owners from leaving mess behind

Only one high-vis tabard between five of them. Council budget cuts are biting deep.

Spotter's Badge: Daniel, Dave

No mobile signal anger

North Devon Journal: Village suffers loss of mobile phone signal

Sorry, it doesn't reach the 1930s.

Spotter's Badge: Nick

Monday, February 22, 2016

Crime rise anger

NT News: They're not vigilantes, they're a citizens' patrol

Yeah, good luck with that.

School run anger

South Wales Argus: School run parents turning grass verges into a quagmire


Spotter's Badge: Neil

Mobility scooter anger

Northampton Chronicle: Old bloke not allowed to keep his so-called 'fire risk' mobility scooter in this tiny tiny communal corridor at council-owned flats

They had none of this health and safety mullarkey when he was fighting hand-to-hand on the Eastern Front in the War, me laddo. It was flying lead and nobody had mobility scooters. That's where I got this hat. So, if you want to get my scooter, you'll have to come through me first.


Spotter's Badge: Mike

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Druggies and boozers in the park anger

Melbourne Leader: Locals worried about the kiddiewinks because of broken glasses and discarded syringes


Spotter's Badge: Rob J

Train ticket anger

Epsom Guardian: Passengers call for end to 'carnage' of ticket office closures at stations

A fine selection of angry poses in this story. Oh look, here comes another

Spotter's Badge: Ian, Dumpster

No internet anger Family goes six weeks without internet

With an instructional photograph of what no internets may look like

Spotter's Badge: Joseph

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Freedom of Information anger

Richmond and Twickenham Times: Tories claim Lib Dem rival 'wasting time and money with FOI requests'

Yeah, but THATCHER.

Spotter's Badge: Rachel

Tiny, tiny pothole anger

Sunshine Coast Daily: Bloke wants road properly surfaced before somebody gets killed

Quite possibily a kiddiewink judging by the context of the photo

Spotter's Badge: Rob J

Beach hut gate anger

Bournemouth Echo: Beach hut owners 'very, very angry' at new security gate


Spotter's Badge: Louise

Friday, February 19, 2016

'No offence' anger

Manchester Evening News: Man claims he was harassed by by shop assistant while trying to buy Valentine Day gift

It must have been 'No Offence' Lady from The Fast Show.

Spotter's Badge: Robbie, Charlotte, Andrew

Wheelie bin fire anger

Hull Daily Mail: Stop stealing bins and setting them on fire because it's not funny, say police

Yes it is.

Spotter's Badge: Ian, L0wey

Fresh bread rolls anger

Essex Chronicle: Man shocked to find bread rolls still fresh after five months

And your problem with that is?

Spotter's Badge: Joe, Lee

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Leaky house anger

Portsmouth News: Navy wife angry with MoD for not fixing her house

The picture caption says she is with her dog "Cookie". Love, Cookie's a saucepan.

Spotter's Badge: Jonathan

Devil Dog anger

Somerset County Gazette: Our dog set fire to our house

And here's the publicity board...

 Spotter's Badge: Jamie

Bag of turds anger

Falmouth Packet: Who's dumping sacks of dog turds in Falmouth?

Dangerously close to a "Done a poo" pose, there

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Catalogue shopping confused by the modern world anger

Portsmouth News: 697-word blow-by-blow account of woman's misadventure trying to buy clothes through a catalogue and paying by cheque

So many questions with this story, but the big one is "Why is she wearing her coat indoors?"

Spotter's Badge: Jon

Bucket o' turds anger

Bury Times: Local councillors reduced to picking up other people's dog poo

Hi-viz tabards and pointing at turds - together at last!

Spotter's Badge: Chris

Broken sign anger

Mordialloc Chelsea Leader: Woman wants illuminated sign fixed despite the rising cost

Dressed entirely in a rubber tyre. Kinky.

Spotter's Badge: Rob J

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Traffic jams on Satan's Highway anger

Lancashire Telegraph: Councillor wants something done about the huge queues on the A666

As you can see, traffic stacking up already. Also: £3 lunch at Subway!

Spotter's Badge: Karen

School run speeding anger

Bournemouth Echo: Seventeen drivers fined for traffic offences outside school in a single morning

The problem being that they built the school crossing zone right on the racing line.

Poor hi-viz tabard work by the race marshal there.

Mouldy flats anger

Epping Forest Guardian: Family's flat plagued with mould

"Where is the father, I wonder?" the commentards ask because only the mum is featured in the story, therefore she must be some sort of terrible scrounger.

I'll tell you where --- in the comments handing their arses to them on a plate. I love it when that happens. Smells like... victory.

Spotter's Badge: Beth