Thursday, February 11, 2016

Cereal addiction anger

Worcester News: Man seeks help for his 13-a-day cereal habit

I dare say it's actually the sackload of sugar he's getting through every week to which he's addicted

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TRT said...

Fact: Cornflakes were originally served as a means of dampening the ardour. So no chance he'll be breeding.

Anonymous said...

"My sex life too - it used to be regular, but now it's a rare occurrence.

"Sophie gets annoyed at me because if we do go out for dinner I'll just have a fudge cake and be done in three minutes."

Unknown said...

My weight really spiralled when I discovered that a small splash of double cream really perks up a bowl of crunchy but cornflakes. You can have that lifehack for free.

Unknown said...
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