Saturday, March 31, 2012

Solar panel anger

Prestwich Advertiser: Council orders couple to remove £13,000 solar panels

Thirteen grand for solar panels? Blimey. Also, superb outing for the Father Jack "I love my brick" face.

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Road crossing anger

Brighouse Echo: Campaigners claim they are 'dicing with death' at road junction

Go on, you can afford to lose a few foot soldiers

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Bus anger

Cambridge News: Couple stunned after bus door 'closed in wife's face'

Our spotter takes up the story:

I'm not sure, but I think the wife is wearing a snood. If she is, she probably fell foul of the bus company's strict 'No Mid-80s Fashions' rule.

I once tried to catch that bus whilst wearing deely-boppers. They told me to eff off.

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Bottom burp anger

Durham Advertiser: Flatulent man faces ban from local club

"Gone with the wind"

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Pie VAT Anger

Lancashire Telegraph: New 20% tax on pies 'could bring the whole of the north to a standstill'

I didn't bother reading the story, but I think that's the gist

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Bad E-fit

Manchester Evening News: Police hunt doorstep assault suspect

Yoink! Don't fancy yours much

Don't have nightmares.

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Landlord anger


...but there's a nice picture of an angry man squatting next to some ducks

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Phone bill anger Holidaymaker charged $2000 for surfing the web while in the Cook Islands

"Big Bill" says the caption. Leave his nose out of this.

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Litter anger

Swindon Advertiser: Granny slams council on 'half-hearted' litter-picking

Anyone seen my giant packet of Doritos? Coo, ta

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Banned from the pub anger

Watford Observer: Football fan banned from pub for not spending enough

God, if I was a Chelsea fan I'd be depressed too!

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Road closure anger

Chorley Guardian: Residents angry at round trip, extra traffic caused by essential repairs to road

...a road which will be closed for two days. At the weekend.

Even the Honda Accord in the background looks furious

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Another parking ticket anger

Coventry Telegraph: Teacher refuses to pay parking ticket in unmarked bay

As a noted big-head, I can tell you that he's got a point

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Seaside chav anger

Essex Echo: Druggies, drunks and single mums 'driving upmarket shops out of Southend'

Awful moment of self-realisation for the town

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dog crap up a tree anger

Yorkshire Evening Post: Fury as bags of dog mess left hanging from tree at local beauty spot

That's the shittiest Christmas tree, ever

Halifax Courier: Same story, different picture of man squeezing a dog until an egg comes out

Spotter's Badge: Thomas, everybody

Fox attack anger

Essex Echo: Fox jumped over my back fence to attack my chihuahua, says mum

I'd jump over her back fence (anus)*

Spotter's Badge: Barry

* Go on, guess who's been watching The Inbetweeners?

Coffee spill anger

Bournemouth Echo: Passengers ordered off bus after coffee spill

It's Health and Safety gone mad on acid. Expect to see this incident given the full Richard Littlejohn treatment in the coming weeks.

Chutney ban anger

Watford Observer: Man claims he is banned from Budgens in row over chutney prices

First World Problems incarnate

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Dead animal anger

Queanbeyan Age: Dismay as headless animals found on golf course

You know what that means: Two stroke penalty

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Massive pothole anger

Essex Echo: Huge pothole causing 'misery' for residents

Of course, real misery is having Bashar Al-Asad bombing your home town for daring to defy his rule. But there you go.

Spotter's Badge: Barry

Stolen post anger

Bournemouth Echo: Royal Mail pays out thousands in compensation over thieving posties

Lightweights. My 13th birthday present was blown up by the IRA.

Road gritting anger

Watford Observer: School governor told to grit road outside school by himself

And well trolled in the comments, subby

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Factory closure anger

Hull Daily Mail: Anger as BAE site closes down

Possibly the largest angry crowd scene we have ever seen. Check out those folded arms

Monday, March 26, 2012

Nicked knockers anger

Essex Echo: Fury as metal thieves make off with scores of door knockers

I'd something something sexist her knockers

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Hospital parking anger

Essex Echo: Residents' fury as people visting hospital park totally legally in their streets

"Just park on our road. We dare you"

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Retail park anger

Bournemouth Echo: Shoppers' fury at £70 parking charges

And - for once - helpful and knowledgable advice in the comments. Wonders will never cease.

Dog crap campaign anger

Harborough Mail: Councillor's fury, poster campaign over 'unused' dog bins

How many times do we have to say: DOGS CAN'T READ

Stolen art anger

Edinburgh Evening News: Artist upset after priceless piece stolen from his car

He should have had one of those "No priceless pieces of art stored in this car overnight" stickers

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Market trade anger

Manchester Evening News: Traders warn local market 'on the brink'

Looks like a particularly frightening episode of EastEnders

Spotter's Badge: Charlotte

Home repairs anger

Sheffield Telegraph: Mother's fury at wait for repairs

...which appear to have been done.

Spotter's Badge: Geoff

DIY Anger

Shields Gazette: Anger over council's DIY deal with B&Q

And if this picture is anything to go by, they also sell ladders

Smelly bins anger

Hornsey Journal: Residents fear smelly bins as collections become fortnightly

Nope, got nothing.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Aussie pothole anger

Queensland Courier Mail: Compensation bid for pothole damages

I reckon the death stare on this lady would kill several council road repair workers at once

Spotter's Badge: Stevo

Lead theft anger again

Essex Chronicle: Church falls victim to lead theft for second time in two months

One from the "Done a poo" file

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Stolen tools anger

Reading Evening Post: Roofer's warning after £2,000 worth of tools stolen from van

I bet he - oh-ho! - hit the roof!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flying kid anger

Portsmouth News: Parents' anger at council after kid falls out of first floor window into wheelbarrow

And - of course - the usual sympathy you've come to expect from the British public

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Bus driver grape anger

Coventry Telegraph: Bus driver sacked for eating a grape at the wheel

Anatomy of fury: We got loads of tip-offs on this story after people saw it in the Daily Mail. We, however, went the extra mile to find it from source.

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Blacksmith pothole anger

Weston Mercury: Blacksmith tells paper he is being 'driven mad' by potholes

And, in the words of the song, I have no reason to believe he lied

Fish poaching anger

Wakefield Express: Anger as fish poachers 'plunder' local lakes

If you are offered cheap fish in a local pub, that number again: 999

Spotter's Badge: Paul

Diesel theft anger

Derby Telegraph: Diesel thefts 'sucking life out of business'

That sucks

Spotter's Badge: L0wey

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tree felling anger

Peterborough Today: Councillor confused about council's decision to do council work

Don't be cruel, his head ISN'T small. It is just far, far away

Spotter's Badge: Studley

Bus shelter anger

Gloucestershire Citizen: Passengers 'fed up' over missing bus shelter


Reversing round the corner anger

Bournemouth Echo: Learner gets parking ticket while reversing round corner

Look out mate - BEHIND YOU!

Late night metal theft anger

Blackpool Gazette: Anger as late-night metal theft floods homes which a man does an impression of a beaten-up hot water tank

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Overgrown hedgerow anger masterclass

Ongar Gazette: With all the world's problems solved, local councillor demands action on hedges and potholes

So. Much. Despair.

Spotter's Badge: Barry

Meals on Wheels anger

Romford Yellow Advertiser: Fury over Meals on Wheels funding axe

I am pretty certain that this is our first ever Angry People shot to include cutlery as a prop. Well played, photographer Mark Cleveland

Tesco store anger

Bath Chronicle: Traders' angry despite Tesco vow to support local shops

"I'd offer her a certain amount of support"

Spotter's Badge: Paul, Liam