Friday, July 31, 2015

Council grass cutting anger

Huddersfield Examiner: Residents find out the council's been cutting a grass verge it doesn't own for 35 years only after the council realises its mistake and stops cutting the grass verge it doesn't own


Spotter's Badge: Susie

Shoddy kitchen anger

Essex Chronicle: Man still waiting for fitted kitchen to be finished

Ah, that never-ending dilemma of what to do with your spare hand while being photographed

Spotter's Badge: Barry

Long grass anger

Brighton Argus: Mum loses four year old daughter in long grass

She's still there, having gone a bit Lord of the Flies

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Flooded flats anger

Watford Observer: Residents frustrated over repeated flooding incidents

Also frustrated by use of wide angle lens to make them look like weebles.

Spotter's Badge: TRT

New carpets anger

Essex Echo: This is their victory face after the Echo gets family new carpets

As one commenter puts it: Well if they are that happy after getting new carpet, I would love to see their faces on Christmas morning.

Spotter's Badge: Barry

Crusty jugglers anger

Manchester Evening News: Councillor declares war on chuggers and crusty jugglers

Now there's a face that screams "Welcome to Manchester". Let's find another picture of him to prove that wasn't just an unfortunate one-off.


Spotter's Badge: Charlotte

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Rat Run Anger

Oxford Mail: Artistic approach to protest

Those signs are really very good. Shame nobody is paying the slightest bit of interest.

Spotter's Badge: Jonathan

Sub-standard flowerbox anger

Bromsgrove Standard: Flower planters falling to pieces, says councillor

Take out the plants - HEY PRESTO - a play fort for the kiddiewinks. Problem solved.

Spotter's Badge: Tim

Bad cop anger

Woolwich News Shopper: Woman involved in aggressive road crash told to 'come back tomorrow' by police

Well done, Lou. Have another doughnut.

Spotter's Badge: Neil

Slow internet anger

Sheffield Star: Residents fed up of waiting for high-speed internet


Spotter's Badge: Dan

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Shopping centre vandalism double bill

Lancashire Telegraph: Vandals smash up shopping centre

And, as night follows day...

Lancashire Telegraph: Vandals smash up shopping centre again

Haroon, when your mum finds out, she's going to go utterly mental.

Spotter's Badge: Karen

Hartlepool Hooning anger

Hartlepool Mail: Thieves steal timesheets from racing event, and nobody knows who's won

Crime is the winner here. Crime.

Spotter's Badge: Andrew

Fined for act of kindness anger

Stourbridge News: Driver fined for letting police car past

Sally Gunnell's let herself go.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Stinky pipes anger

Maidenhead Advertiser: Nasty niff haunts High Street

Strong nose-holding skills, except for the chap at the back who knows he looks a bit ridiculous.

Spotter's Badge: Rob A

Druggie park anger

Kent Online: Bad things going on in Gravesend park

The top line for this story: "A play area popular with children and families has turned into a hotbed for drugs and sex, according to residents."


Spotter's Badge: Anthony

Stolen hot tub anger

Gazette Live: Hot tub stolen from front garden

Who keeps a hot tub in their front garden anyway?

Spotter's Badge: Tarquin Foxglove

Sunday, July 26, 2015

No phone signal anger

Hull Daily Mail: Hull phone users angry at lack of signal

I see what you're trying, mate - you need one of those selfie sticks.

Spotter's Badge: Ian

Allotment theft anger

This is Lancashire: Gardening equipment stolen from allotment lock-up

"But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you"

Spotter's Badge: Karen

School bus anger

Essex Chronicle: Something about school buses

Got as far as the posh kids mugging for the camera, stopped reading

Spotter's Badge: Barry

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Pothole superhero anger

Portsmouth News: Mr Pothole supports campaign to fill potholes

"Mark Morrell, who created the superhero-like alter ego to battle the Government and councils nationwide..."

A hi-viz tabard and a bluetooth headset is not exactly a superhero costume, Mr Pothole.

Spotter's Badge: Jonathan

Laid a cable anger Utility company 'has vandalised my new fence'

Excellent skills by the photographer. Everybody goes home with knee-knack.

Spotter's Badge: Joseph

Green river anger

Essex Chronicle: Villagers annoyed by 'contaminated' green river


Spotter's Badge: Barry

Friday, July 24, 2015

Speed nob road repairs anger

Tamworth Herald: Rain and the passage of time reveal road workers' penis art in the middle of the road

Well worth the click through for the comprehensive gallery of phallic paint work

Spotter's Badge: The Quirker

Phantom drunken litterbug anger

Waverley Leader: Reign of terror over as man who has dumped bags of empty tinnies in the same street for 18 months is caught

"The worst thing is that he never left any full ones"

Spotter's Badge: Rob J

Mouse poo pancakes anger

Bexley News Shopper: Kid could have eaten pancakes with mouse droppings

"My world has been turned upside down by this"

Spotter's Badge: Neil

Noisy builders anger

Brentwood Gazette: Shopkeeps driven up the wall by noise

Superbly posed. Well done.

Spotter's Badge: Barry

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Overgrown tree crime fear anger

Enfield Independent: People could jump out from behind this tree and do crimes on my children, says concerned dad

Trees have a history of enabling crime. Look at Robin Hood.

Spotter's Badge: Rachel

Twitter troll anger

Shields Gazette: Twitter troll threatened with deportation in Home Office error

My heart bleeds.

Spotter's Badge: Strolls

No common sense anger

Hull Daily Mail: Scorching weather makes metal statue too hot to sit on

Then don't sit on it, you idiots.

Spotter's Badge: Ian

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Stolen bike anger

South Wales Evening Post: Stolen bike won't stop councillor from cycling to work

The lack of a bike, however...

Sweary toy anger

Plymouth Herald: Toy doll 'taught our toddler to swear'

And not anything she might have heard elsewhere.

Spotter's Badge: The Quirker

Village traffic anger

Oxford Mail: Our village is - oh-ho! - a bottleneck for traffic jams

What you did there, I see it.

Spotter's Badge: Richard

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sports club theft penis clue anger

Luton Today: Thieves paint giant speedcock at scene of sports club equipment theft

Once again, top marks to the crims for including the mandatory spurt of jizz.

Spotter's Badge: Thomas

HGV ban anger

Cambridge News: Residents told they'll have to chase down lorries in their pyjamas if they want to see truck ban enforced

Sure that's not Caroline Quentin in her latest role as "Angry local councillor"?

Spotter's Badge: Al

Fly-tipping anger

Northampton Chronicle: Flytippers dump 17 bags of rubbish outside jewellery shop

Things are getting so bad in the jewellery trade, this chap can't even afford long trousers

Spotter's Badge: Mike

Monday, July 20, 2015

Amazon surprise gift anger

Western Daily Press: Mum finds fully functional clockwork cucumber* in her Amazon purchase

There's no pleasing some people.

Spotter's Badge: John, Hayley

* More of a clockwork sugarsnap pea, to be honest

Low-life thieving scum anger

Norwich Evening News: Defibrillator stolen

Seriously, fuck those guys.

Spotter's Badge: Dave

Ebay scam anger

Coventry Telegraph: Family shocked - SHOCKED - to discover that car they bought on Ebay doesn't actually exist

Or, as The Register calls it, Online Tat Market Ebay.

Spotter's Badge: Rob R

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Crossbow bolt anger

Essex Chronicle: Some unmitigated cur fired a crossbow at my car, says Kiefer Sutherland

...and I'm going to shit them up real good.

Spotter's Badge: Barry

Lucky to be alive anger

Hull Daily Mail: Fire breaks out in gas meter cupboard

I have absolutely no idea what's going on in this photograph.

Spotter's Badge: Ian

Stolen fence anger

Lancashire Telegraph: Thieves make off with seven-foot section of fence

I think the missing fence is the least of your worries, mate.

Spotter's Badge: Karen

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Dishonesty box anger

Dorset Echo: Roadside honesty box stolen

It think you'll find that's because some people are enormous shitbags

Spotter's Badge: Christina

Long grass anger

Bolton News: Fed-up area man cuts grass at local park himself

Starts off as your standard angry posing, turns into ranting against people on benefits in the comments.

Spotter's Badge: Paul, Karen

Plant theft anger

Shropshire Star: Britain in Bloom entry stymied by plant thefts

That's more of a Shelbyville kind of thing.

Spotter's Badge: Gordy

Friday, July 17, 2015

Shoebury sea wall victory lap anger

Essex Echo: Shoebury sea wall probably won't get built

Our favourite Shoebury Sea Wall Campaigners are BACK BACK BACK!

Chaps: Please find something else to get angry about - we'll miss you.

Spotter's Badge: Cora

Blocked by a bin anger

Waverley Leader: Bloke unable to use his car for two weeks after skip company fails to remove bin

And sadly for Aaaard Yakka Bin Hire, they were beaten to first entry in the phone book by Aaaaaard Yakka Bin Hire. Not that anybody uses phone books these days.

Spotter's Badge: Rob J

More bin anger

Gazette Live: Woman gets unlucky with the binmen

Look at her - it's the end of the world.

Spotter's Badge: Charlotte

Dead lines anger

Lancashire Telegraph: Grooming parlour's phones go dead for a week

Too. Many. Dogs.

Spotter's Badge: Karen