Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dead bug in toy anger

Basingstoke Gazette: Mum disgusted after finding dead bug in packet of loom bands

Loom bands? It could have been in there for years.

Mouldy house anger

Basingstoke Gazette: Angry residents line up to slam housing association over damp in their homes

A veritable gallery of fury.

Kitchen fall anger

Dundee Telegraph: Man loses court case after claiming he slipped on onions at work

With a picture of onions, just in case your entire diet consists of Pot Noodles and you've never seen one before.

The story's no longer on the DT website, so here it is via Scottish Legal News with a nice picture of Lord Turnbull.

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Cloned number plates anger

Sunshine Coast Daily: Biker getting speeding fines caused by hoon sporting fake number plates

Nice wheels

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Big hole in the road anger

Huddersfield Examiner: Huge pothole right outside driving test centre angers driving instructor

DONE A POO (and measured it)

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Pub quiz anger

St Alban's Review: Old boys told to take a break from pub quiz because they keep winning

Come on, chaps. Hustle the other pubs instead.

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Blocked-off light anger

Cambridge News: 'Horrendous' building blocking off light to woman's garden

That's unfortunate. Let's see how much light, eh?


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Nocturnal smells anger

Kent Messenger: Woman tapes bin liners over all her windows to keep strange night time smell out, and she's not even going to murder anyone

Look, ask your neighbours about drugs. It's drugs.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Poo in the park anger

Dundee Courier: Quite a lot of turds found in local park clean-up

Quality nose-holding by girl in blue, purple girl seems rather less committed. Almost as if she had already touched brown.

"Naughty" parking fine anger

Barnet and Potter's Bar Times: Former policeman upset over £100 fine for parking in private car park during the evening

Not sure which bit of "Private Property" this ex-copper doesn't understand

Spotter's Badge: Neil 

Wearing slippers anger

Kent Messenger: Patient "forced" to wear slippers for two years because orthopedic shoes wore out

Aaaaaaaand, of course, the hospital tells a different story entirely.

Spotter's badge: Neil

Can't drive to his own pub anger

Eastern Daily Press: Landlord at The Murderers upset that roadworks mean his pub is currently almost impossible to access by car

Still, good work on the product placement: Pride on tap, plus free room hire.

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Monday, March 28, 2016

Something about Welsh schools anger

Llanelli Star: People angry about Welsh language teaching. Don't ask me, I've no idea

Also, that's not a priest, it's actually three small boys hiding under an old curtain.

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Yellow line anger

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Workmen leave gap in yellow line due to close harmony act singing in the road

If you want to sing, go on the X Factor, you nerks.

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Woodland hermit anger

Watford Observer: Hermit builds house out of clay in woods, is told to leave by The Man after four years

Awww, give him a break, The Man.

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Exploding tumble dryer anger

Plymouth Herald: Our tumble dryer hasn't exploded yet, but we fear it is only a matter of time

Yeah, yeah. Come back when you and your house are a raging inferno

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Probably something to do with the Tories (but other parties are available) anger

Clacton and Frinton Gazette: Florist upset at rise to business rates

"Smiles and Tears and Arses and Things"

War memorial anger Scumbags vandalise war memorial

Marvellous pose.

Spotter's Badge: Joseph, Dave

Speed gun anger

Burton Mail: Local speeding activist calls it a day

Nothing - NOTHING  - to do with the fact that he's been told there's no great speeding problem in his village, yet he's been turning in 1,000 tickets to the police a day.

Sound hi-viz jacket work, a step up from the usual tabard-clad fools.

Spotter's Badge: Norbet

Green chicken anger

Hull Daily Mail: Family clearly not happy with £5 compo after green chicken nightmare

Also, good to see Commander Ryker from Star Trek settling down in the Hull area.

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Didn't win a fortune on the lottery anger

Wirral Globe: Woman matches five numbers on the lottery, only wins £15

That is why it's called a lottery. It's a lottery.

Spotter's Badge: Mal

No phone signal for three weeks anger

Dundee Courier: No phone signal for three weeks after mast develops fault

I see your problem. You're trying to phone the 1990s.

Spotter's Badge: Neil

Aussie hooning anger

Dandenong Leader: Police launch task force to crack down on hoons and drag racers

Another attempt in my doomed campaign to introduce the word hoon into British English.

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Students want salad anger

Hackney Gazette: Students furious after leisure centre that hosts their favourite salad bar introduces £1.30 entry charge

Salad? SALAD? You're students - get down to Asda NOW and stock up on Pot Noodles and cheap lager.

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Friday, March 25, 2016

Muddy grass verges anger

Sunderland Echo: Residents want the council to concrete over their grass verges

A petition. That'll help*

*No it won't.

American pothole anger

Boston Universal Hub: Pothole destroys drivers' tyres

This is what passes for angry people photography in America under Obama. What a shambles. No pose. No crossed arms. No face like you're sucking a lemon.

That's why we need Donald Trump now*, to restore proper fury to American newspapers and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

Spotter's Badge: Matthew

* No we don't

Had a fight with Asda anger

Manchester Evening News: Mum walks into supermarket and takes her shopping from the shelves after home delivery cock-up

I must say, Kerry Katona's looking smashing these days.

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Australia crimewave anger

Centralian Advocate: Don't make it easy for hoons to steal ya cars, you drongoes

Translation: Don't make it easy for hoons to steal your cars, you drongoes

You're welcome.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Refugee donations anger

Swindon Advertiser: Refugees up to their ankles in mud at the Calais Jungle camp really don't need sexy Ann Summers lingerie, thank you very much

How do they know? A bit of the sexy stuff might be quite welcome. GIVE THEM THE FRILLIES.

Spotter's Badge: Craig, Everybody

Headteacher think of the kiddiewinks anger

Lancashire Telegraph: Cool headteacher whose job it is to think of the kiddiewinks forced to go to the papers to convince rubbish parents to also think of the kiddiewinks before a kiddiewink is KILLED TO DEATH


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Blocked drain parking anger

Worcester News: Traffic wardens hand parking ticket to engineers unblocking a drain

Behold! A whole gallery featured angry bearded men with crossed arms.

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Bad parking cowboy anger

Dorset Echo: Man gets parking ticket, will pay up

Smart work getting the double V-sign past the editor.

Also: I lived there for ten years. That's perfectly normal Dorset fashion.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Drug alley anger

Maribyrnong Leader: Alley is full of used drug syringes

You know what else it's full of? DONE A POO.

Graveyard health and safety checks anger

Kent Messenger: Old boys left fuming after council safety checks in cemetery result in muddy mess and toppled grave stones


Spotter's Badge: Neil

AC/DC concert anger

Hartlepool Mail: Man who has waited to see AC/DC all his life angry that AC/DC have cancelled their tour

I don't usually comment on the people in the photos, but you could face-swap this pair and not notice the difference.

Spotter's Badge: Ross

Insomniac boxer anger

Brent and Kilburn Times: Former boxer kept awake at night by road noise from pothole

Just do as she says before she shits someone up.

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Not a terrorist anger

Manchester Evening News: You know that box on the US Customs form that asks 'Are you planning to commit an act of terrorism while in the United States?' - Guess who ticked 'Yes'

*slow handclap*

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Dad football ban anger

Sevenoaks Chronicle: Kids want school to lift ban on their dad coming onto school premises so he can watch them play football

I mean, it's political correctness gone mad. All he did was take the head teacher hostage, quite possibly by mistake. Once. And who hasn't?

Best quote from the aggrieved dad: "I took valuable time out of cheesemaking to try and represent the community". And once again we ask: Who hasn't?

Spotter's Badge: Rob C

Post Office closure anger

Border Mail: Residents upset as their post office closes

The nearest one's only 25 miles away, just round the corner in Australian terms

Spotter's Badge: Meredith

Save Our Green anger

Watford Observer: Residents object to plans to build on their green space

"Green" in green lettering. I see what you did there.

Spotter's Badge: TRT

Scumbags beat up my owl anger

Western Gazette: Owl wrangler upset that idiots terrorised his owl

I'll lend him my Japanese Face Eating Owl if it's revenge he wants.

Spotter's Badge: Chris

Monday, March 21, 2016

Bowling club toilets anger

Norwich Evening News: Bowling club's future in doubt over dispute over £5 charge to use the toilets at the local community centre

Just wee behind the pavilion like football teams immemorial have done.

Spotter's Badge: Maire

Needly cheesecake anger

Manchester Evening News: Family claim they found a needle in their Asda strawberry cheesecake

Comment were closed on this one, I imagine the discussion got a fit - oh-ho! - fruity

Spotter's Badge: Charlotte

Second hand iPhone anger

Enfield Independent: Bloke taking electronics store to court claiming they sold him a second hand iPhone as new

It's worse than you think. They also told him that his adopted son Henry is a real boy.

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Angry bus driver anger

New Zealand Herald: Family left distraught after bus driver threatens to "wipe them out"

And the best bit is that they were in the right all along

Doing The Thingy in public anger

Derby Telegraph: People in Derby are still having sex, and it MUST CEASE IMMEDIATELY

Otherwise, the council will send this chap round to stare at you.

Spotter's Badge: Andrew

Letter from Australia not really much help anger

Lancashire Telegraph: Former resident of Darwen pens letter from the other side of the world attacking decision to close market

A regular customer then. That'll help.

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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Leaky pipe pothole anger

Oxford Times: Leaky pipe is causing road to become potholed mess, says old chap

All very well, but what the devil is going on with his trousers?

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