Sunday, May 29, 2016

Not a member of a terrorist group anger

Oxford Mail: Cross-stitcher says she's been blacklisted by Paypal as a terrorist because she lives on Isis Close

FACT: All terrorists give their address as "c/o ISIS, Syria", hence the mix-up.

Spotter's Badge: Caroline

No day off school for you anger

Southern Daily Echo: Mum threatened with fine for taking daughter out of school for a wedding

High-quality sadfacing from the kiddiewink.

Spotter's Badge: Matt

Messy Back Passage Anger

Hull Daily Mail: Is this Hull's most litter-strewn alleyway?

I've seen worse.

Spotter's badge: Ian

Carrot smugglers anger

Oxford Mail: Couple fined £200 for accidentally breaking New Zealand's bio-security laws with a carrot

Aww, look at his sad little face.

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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Stop turning off my water anger

Frankston Standard Leader: Woman goes to court to stop her neighbour from repeatedly turning off her water

With a photo of what some water might look like.

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Micro pub anger

Chronicle Live: People who are thinking of the kiddiewinks not keen on a micro pub next to a nursery

Too right, someone might step on it.

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Humpty Doo shirtless anger

The NT News: Darwin pub to enforce 'no shirts, no service' rule

Now there's an image that won't leave your head any time soon.

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Friday, May 27, 2016

Get your hands off my chickens anger

Colchester Daily Gazette: Woman 'livid' with council over threats to her chickens

Tell them to cluck off.

Queen's Jubilee tree anger

Accrington Observer: "Uproar" as tree planted to mark Queen's 60th Jubilee is moved

Uproar in Accrington only needs one granny and her handbag filled with half a brick.

Spotter's Badge: Neil

Stolen bike anger

Coventry Telegraph: Bloke's bike stolen in broad daylight and under CCTV cameras

Well done, Solihull. Well done.

Spotter's Badge: Hazel

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Wrong colour hair anger

Plymouth Herald: Student thrown out of school for dying her hair red

I love the idea of school "isolation", as if the breaking school rules virus might infect others.

Spotter's Badge: William

Community shop anger

East Anglia Daily Times: Local shop under threat from continued robbery attempts

"They stole my false breasts," says Hans Moleman

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Bowling green anger

Melbourne Leader: Aussie bowling club fears their grass could die if a school is built next door

Or then again, it could not.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Rats big as cats anger

Lancashire Telegraph: Mum won't let her toddler play outside due to rat infestation

But look at the 3-piece trampoline set there. How could you deny her this?

Spotter's Badge: Karen

Noisy circus anger

North West Evening Mail: Travelling circus apologises for late-night noise

But if it's "AAAAARGH! Who left the lock off the tiger cage", then you've nothing to apologise for. Except the messy deaths of numerous locals.

Spotter's Badge: Chris