Sunday, May 01, 2016

Sent home from school because of his haircut anger

Wimbledon Guardian: Mum positively steaming because her son was sent home from school because of his 'extreme' haircut

Look into his eyes - he's already resigned to going the rest of his life as "The Kid whose mum went to the papers banging on about human rights".

Spotter's Badge: Charles, Christina

Fallen railings think of the kiddiewinks anger

Lancashire Telegraph: Nobody's moved these fallen railing for months, and I can't because of my Folded Arms Syndrome, which is a real thing, just look it up

Kiddiewinks klaxon: "Can you imagine if a little child took a tumble and fell on one of them"

Spotter's Badge: Karen 

Poorly-planned graffiti anger

Hull Daily Mail: Kid doesn't want people to 'steal' his dad's parking space

Well done kid. Well done*

*Not well done at all.

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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Magic turds anger

Stourbridge News: Magician can't believe his eyes as poo seeps through his ceiling

That's not sewage, it's the ghostly ectoplasm of Paul Daniels, you fool.

Spotter's Badge: Alex

Playground vandalism anger

Essex Echo: Local ingrates vandalise playground just two weeks after it was unveiled

Kids grow up quickly in Essex, don't they?

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Saxon long-house anger

Norwich Evening News: Kiddiewinks sad as arsonists set fire to their school project Saxon long-house

The head teacher's upset too - that classroom was going to house a bunch of year 7s next term.

Spotter's Badge: Siofra, Dave

Friday, April 29, 2016

Got the wrong Birmingham anger (plus follow-up)

Birmingham Mail: Couple lose their dream Las Vegas holiday because they booked their flights from Birmingham, Alabama instead of Birmingham, UK

This is the kind of Jeremy Kyle level idiocy upon which this country is built. Well done. Well done, everybody.

Spotter's Badge: Adam, Everybody

But wait, what's this coming up on the blind side? 

Coventry Telegraph: Wrong airport couple given a free Vegas holiday by Virgin in what is not - NOT - a publicity stunt

Well, shit on that --- where's my free holiday, Virgin?

This is how we ended up making celebrities out of TOWIE and Geordie Shore.

Spotter's Badge: Rob R

Car wash anger

Portsmouth News: Woman claims hand car wash workers snapped her car key

Amount of sympathy shown in the comments: Zero

Spotter's Badge: Kenn, Jonathan

House hit by lightning smugness

Great Yarmouth Mercury: 'It was like a war zone,' says man who helped get two people out of a house struck by lightning

Camo jacket. Story to tell. Like a proper war zone.

"When I got to the house, the adrenaline just kicked in. I wasn’t worried about me, I was worried about the people inside."

Spotter's Badge: Dave

Smoking on the beach anger

Mordialloc Chelsea Leader: Beachgoers urged to 'Beat the Butt' 

Heh. Beat the butt.

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Huge pothole anger

Bury Times: Business owner, large duck, want large pothole filled in

The one person you'd expect to be in hi-viz - the local councillor - hasn't got her hi-viz. Poor show.

Spotter's Badge: Paul

Motor trade red line anger

Bexley News Shopper: Long-established car sales company says it will go out of business if council paints double red lines across the front of its forecourt

In which one of the commenters tries a cheap "Would you buy a used car from these men?" gag and gets taken to the cleaners by the tough-looking guy on the right.

Spotter's Badge: Neil

Little Mix anger

Chronicle Live: Small person discovers the cruel reality of going to a concert and not being able to see anything

I've seen the tops of the heads of some of the finest musicians in the world. And Status Quo.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Rubbish biscuits anger

Daily Advertiser: Woman complains that there are only 'crappy' orange creams left in her work tea room

Biscuits? As a result of a Freedom of Information request, we're no longer allowed biscuits.

Spotter's Badge: Dan

Litter picking council jobsworth anger

Kent Online: Litter-picking volunteer told he can't leave the rubbish he's collected at the local tip

You sneak it into a neighbour's bin in the dead of night. Everybody knows that.

Spotter's Badge: Gabby