Saturday, September 05, 2015

Sausage roll scam anger

Kent Online: Man pays £50 to enter foodie competition, find out it's a con

That's the look of a man who is going to ram a red-hot sausage roll up those villains if he ever sees them again

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Church graffiti anger

Daily Record: Church warden upset at graffiti on church

You've got to admit - it's a pretty good likeness

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Out-of-date chocolates anger

Barrhead News: Man buys chocs for the wife, only to find they're past their sell-by date

Oh, the humanity.

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Friday, September 04, 2015

Roast potato anger

South Wales Evening Post: Man could lose his baked potato stall because it's not flashy enough for the council

Change it to an ARTISAN baked potato stall and you're home and dry, mate.

Spotter's Badge: Rob J, Philip

Confused by a road sign anger

Worcester News: Man points wanly at road sign that doesn't make sense to him

Meanwhile, the council says: "The plates beneath the no entry signs refer to limited waiting time / timed parking restrictions. The two signs are separate and should not be confusing to anyone who has passed their driving test."


No gnomes anger

Portsmouth News: Gnomes banned from caravan park

They'll all be homeless. Gnomads, as it were.

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Thursday, September 03, 2015

We haven't had a phone mast anger in ages ...anger

Crewe Chronicle: Residents sick to their back teeth with good mobile phone reception

I see you, trying to make up the numbers by dressing up a telegraph pole in a Kraftwerk T-shirt

No phones for ten days anger

Bournemouth Echo: Residents angry over phone outage

As one commenter points out - Steps have aged badly, and that's ten days without knowing if they've got any holiday camp bookings.

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Fly-tipping anger

Lancashire Telegraph: Councillor's outrage at huge mountain of dumped waste

She's still there. Tragic.

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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Mr Pothole anger

Oxford Mail: Man arrives in Witney to give David Cameron a telling-off about potholes

He says "Mr Pothole", we say "Mr Self-Appointed Expert" (or not.  He seems legit, so good luck with taking the fight to ham face )

Bowling club anger

Torquay Herald Express: "Stop using our bowling club as a toilet"

"...go to Paignton Bowling Club instead"

Dumped dog mess anger

Grimsby Telegraph: Stop dumping bags of dog poo next to our beautiful fence

With a comment by somebody who hates dogs so much, his avatar is a picture of a dog doing a shit.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Fell down a hole anger

Canterbury Times: Man falls down hole

New tag: "Paint me Jack, like one of your French girls"

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Bus stop outside my house anger

Wiltshire Times: How dare the council paint a bus stop at the end of my drive

His argument being -- "What if I need to get my car off my drive and there's a bus at the stop?"

Answer: Wait for the bus to go. You will not die waiting.

(Note the lack of shits being given by passengers waiting in the shelter)

Too much poo anger

Northern Echo: Dog mess in park 'becoming a health hazard'

Also, a bit less of this, you curs.