Sunday, April 19, 2015

UKIP General Election anger

Oxford Mail: UKIP official claims offensive Facebook posts are fake

And who are we to disbelieve him? (This is my cop-out comment. There's an election on)

While we're here...

Northampton Chronicle: Candidate quits party after colleague turns out to be an enormous racist

He's from the 'lovable eccentric' fringe of the party, no doubt.

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And it goes on...

Southern Daily Echo: Waaaargh! Who broke my lovely, lovely sign?

Yep, it's sign-smashing season.

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Nightclub bouncer anger

NT News: Man denied entry to night club because of his purple shoes

That's his sister, by the way, who DID get in, despite wearing leopard-skin flip-flops.

Narrow road anger

Hull Daily Mail: 'When we all park in the road, the road's not wide enough'

Well... err... Nice tape measure work.

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Non-stick car parking ticket anger

Portsmouth News: First trip out with new baby results in £400 parking fine

They are guilty of the worst crime imaginable, according to one commenter, of being "attention seekers". As a fan of irony, I voted that comment down, as he's clearly an attention seeker.

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Lord of the Manor anger

Brighton Argus: Man who bought 'peerage' over the internet for £2,000, is shocked - SHOCKED - to find out it's not the real thing

Well played, commenter: "The Lord Gullible title is still available. I can do you a deal."

Public toilet anger

Border Mail: Pharmacy owner can't wait a minute longer, campaigns for public loos to be re-opened


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Friday, April 17, 2015

Boundary dispute anger

Bournemouth Echo: Long-running dispute over a gate ends up in court

There's nothing like falling out with your neighbours to make people behave like total maniacs, as this case proves.

Didn't get planning permission anger

South Wales Evening Post: Hairdressing salon forced to move after failing to get planning permission

Look at the anger in those eyes. Some pencil-necked desk-jockey is going to get theirs.

Slasher anger

South Coast Register: Somebody is slashing clothes in charity shops

Conspiracy theory in the comments! "Its a 'for profit' shopkeeper trying to protect their trade.

And not a lunatic, then.

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Disappearing trees anger

Stoke Sentinel: Upset as Network Rail chops down trees next to railway line

File under: People who live in houses near railways upset when people who run the railways do work on the railways to make the railways more reliable.

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FA Cup semi-final mascot anger

Huddersfield Daily Examiner: Miserable Reading fans prevent local lad from being FA Cup semi-final mascot

Reading Post: Miserable Reading fans prevent Huddersfield Town fan from being FA Cup semi-final mascot

Well done, you awful, awful gits. He's a ten-year-old kid, for crying out loud. Up the Arsenal with the lot of you.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Water bill anger

Crawley News: Housemates convinced giant water bill isn't theirs

The way they're throwing it about the garden, it could be anybody's

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Accidental cocktail anger

Manchester Evening News: Ten-year-old girl served booze by mistake while mum had popped outside for a smoke, everybody blames everybody else

Nobody, but nobody comes out of this well

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Foreign lothario anger

Manchester Evening News: Woman being bombarded by flirty texts from foreign call centre worker

Ever get the feeling she's being trolled?

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Thou Shalt Not Steal Anger

Luton Today: Man gets £250 tattoo of Jesus on his arm, does a runner without paying

They'll crucify him.