Monday, March 07, 2016

Council tax small change anger

Eastwood Advertiser: Man loses court case against local authority, decides to pay £1,851 council tax in coppers

*world's slowest handclap*

Spotter's Badge: Steve


Unknown said...

You think he's angry now? Wait until they turn him away because it's not legal tender above a quid.

Hyphen said...

Oh. My. God. Imagine my horror when I open APILN today, and the first thing is Broxtowe BC's Beeston offices, of which I'm very familiar.

I will also note that people in Eastwood are NOT QUITE RIGHT. And as someone who lived there for around 6 years, I feel I'm qualified to say this.

It shouldn't surprise anyone that DH Lawrence was quite keen on leaving the place...

TRT said...

He tried the same gag on his barber by the looks.