Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ugly building anger

Stroud Journal: Councillors demand action over derelict office block

Textbook pointing, says our spotter

Spotter's Badge: Martin

School class closure

Melbourne Age: Kids angry at closure of Steiner school classes

And damn, they work too. Look at that spelling

Spotter's Badge: Jason

Sheltered housing anger

Reading Evening Post: Concern over plans to move young people into sheltered housing

Think of all those young people mixing with the grannies. HAVE WE LEARNED NOTHING FROM WAYNE ROONEY?

Vandalism anger, yet again

Essex Echo: Anger as yobs 'out of control' in Canvey

Artistic. We like a bit of arty.

Spotter's Badge: Barry

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

British Legion Anger

Bucks Herald: Poppy sellers fume over sale of British Legion club

"I'd refrain from putting anything in her slot"

Pointing at turds anger

Ilkeston Advertiser: Health fears over dog crap

Pointing at turds. The very reason we set up this site.

Football anger

Edinburgh Evening News: Referee stops boys' football match over fears for his own safety

Someone didn't get the memo about wearing blue

Spotter's Badge: Caroline

Wrecking spree anger

Manchester Evening News: Kids upset as yobs smash up school allotment

We're always happy to include a scanned image when it's better than the photo on the website. Thanks!

Spotter's Badge: Laurie

Monday, November 28, 2011

Pizza delivery anger

Canterbury Star: Man seething as Pizza Hut unable to make delivery due to lack of drivers

If you look in a dictionary for "First World Problems" it just has this news story

Spotter's Badge: Merrin

Bus service anger

Portsmouth News: Passenger's anger over lack of low-floor buses

Sit in the shopping trolley. Tow bar. Problem solved.

Spotter's Badge: Jon

Greenfield development anger

Lancashire Evening Post: Residents protest against plans for 700 new homes

And, in the comments, the blame falls squarely on immigrants. Right.

Spotter's Badge: Mark

Road repair anger

Warrington Guardian: Fury as road is 'overlooked' for repairs

Extraordinary crouching. Well done.

Spotter's Badge: Freddie

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Jimmy Savile Sex Shop Anger

Beds on Sunday: Call for Sir Jimmy Savile brick to be removed from sex shop

Too right, put it in the morgue

Spotter's Badge: Noel

Needle anger

Brighton Argus: Mum's shock as needle found in McDonald's toilet

From the comments: "This is outrageous, taking a poor defenceless child to McDonalds."

Spotter's Badge: Dom

Brass band anger

Lanacashire Evening Post: Neighbours left brassed off as band moves in next door

What? No fingers in ears? FAIL

Spotter's Badge: Ian

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Motorway junction anger

Gloucestershire Echo: Campaigners demand upgrade to local M-Way junction

Because I too want to shave seconds off my trip to Tewkesbury and/or Worcester

Also: Isn't that the bloke from The Apprentice?

Spotter's Badge: Nick

Broken foot anger

Essex Echo: Mum claims new school is unsafe after son breaks his foot

...with a photo of what a boy's broken foot may look like.

Spotter's Badge: Barry

(We don't usually do stories with hurt kids, but this one is worth crossing the line. Get well soon, Gary)

Closed betting shop anger

Coulsdon and Purley Advertiser: Punters demand pay-outs as betting shop closes

Our spotter says: I particularly enjoyed the fact that two of the disgruntled punters were William and David Sadd

Spotter's Badge: Ivan

Friday, November 25, 2011

Political point anger

York Labour Party: York Labour Party person points at a drain

We don't normally do submissions that's aren't from local newspapers, but our attention has been drawn to the marvellously angry Flickr stream of the York Labour Party.

Postbox | House | Bus stop | Graffiti | Bollards

Spotter's Badge: Paul

Broken lift anger

Shields Gazette: Residents' fury over broken lift

Textbook arm-folding. Well played

Dumped mattress anger

Swindon Advertiser: Woman 'trapped inside her own home by dumped mattress

Since when has the Swindon Advertiser also covered Beirut?

Spotter's Badge: Morgan

Angry mayor anger

Moreland Leader: 'Supermayor' vows to take on council

...using his powers of form-filling and having the casting vote at meetings

Spotter's Badge: Alice

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Unwelcome mat anger

Spenborough Guardian: Confusion as council provides free dormats, which later prove to be fire hazard

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Mats made out of newspaper soaked in parafin are PERFECTLY SAFE

Spotter's Badge: Paul

Blame somebody else anger

Dorset Echo: Hotel owners blame roadworks - anything but themselves - for dip in trade

White-knuckled with fury

Fireworks anger

York Press: Family's ordeal as car damaged by firework at public display

The usual sympathy you've come to expect in the comments

Spotter's Badge: Stuart

Christmas Decorations Anger

Wales Online: Tramp's fury as council workers remove Christmas decorations from his bus shelter

Worth a click-through to see the whole slide show.

Spotter's Badgee: Tom

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Caravan park anger

Sunshine Coast Daily: Angry caravan owners rage at poor state of park

I am told this was the front page story. Damn, we heart the SCD.

Spotter's Badges: Kathleen, Heidi

Closed layby anger

Wakefield Express: Traders worried about loss of passing trade as layby is closed

"I'd park in her restricted bay"

Spotter's Badge: Paul

Burned caravan anger

Bucks Free Press: St Johns Ambulance caravan destroyed in blaze

"We'll break their legs, make them better again, then break their legs"

Spotter's Badge: David

Bus stop vandalism anger

Essex Echo: Pair of dogs slightly miffed as vandals smash up bus stop

Such fury in one so young. To the Dark Side it leads

Spotter's Badge: Barry

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Road with no name anger

Colchester Daily Gazette: Families fume after developer leaves crumbling kerbs, poor lighting and street with no name

I've got a name for it: Craphole Street

Spotter's Badge: Alice

Dog crap clock anger

Newtownabbey Today: Something about clocks and dog shit

I really cannot see the connection between clocks and dog shit, but there you go.

Motability Scooter Anger

North Devon Journal: OAP left stranded after finding scooter too big to fit onto train


Spotter's Badge: Andrew

Overnight parking anger

Reading Evening Post: Woman fined after being accused of staying in car park overnight

"I'd sleep in her car. Anywhere, to be honest"

Monday, November 21, 2011

School theft anger

Blackpool Gazette: Kids upset as copper thieves delay opening of new school building

That kid looks like he's about to explode IN FURY

Spotter's Badge: Frankie

Parking permit anger

Brighton Argus: Fury at 105% increase in parking permit charge

That's the thing about the Brighton Argus - their angry people are always better looking than anywhere else

Spotter's Badge: Sarah

Post office anger

East Anglia Daily Times: Fury as Post Office closes during the afternoon

Note that amongst the formation fury, there is at least one person who does not give a shit

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Last post anger

Essex Echo: Health and Safety fears as Royal Mail stops delivering post to houses

I wouldn't send her a special delivery

Spotter's Badge: Barry

Closed club anger

East Anglia Daily Times: Patrons left upset as RBL club closes

While several in the comments point out that it was a bit of a crap hole.

Spotter's Badge: Dave

No swimming pool anger

Tasmania Mercury: Camapigners upset that promised swimming pool hasn't been built

Neatly illustrating the story by pointing at no swimming pools

Spotter's Badge: Peter

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fly-tipping anger

York Press: Dismay over York fly tippers

The bastards - they couldn't even be bothered to bag up the ginger kid

Spotter's Badge: Mark

Overshadowing anger

Brisbane Times: Anger as huge development to overshadow historic building

I'd show her a massive erec.... No, sorry, can't bring myself to say it.

Spotter's Badge: Stephen

Stolen Pirate anger

Plymouth Herald: Anger as thieves - dare we say pirates - make off with life sized pirate figure outside pub


Spotter's Bagde: RedStar

Mystery Bulgarian spiked my drink anger

Manchester Evening News: Woman convicted of drink-driving after claim that mystery Bulgarian man called Ray spiked her orange juice was mysteriously not accepted by court

Ray being a genuine Bulgarian name, of course

Spotter's Badge and Gold Bar: Maria

Friday, November 18, 2011

Cancelled flight anger

Essex Echo: Customers left mildly inconvenienced as airline pulls out of Southend Airport

That's LONDON Southend Airport, 47.3 miles from Hyde Park Corner, the cheeky burghers.

Spotter's Badge: Barry

Ugly bin anger

Dorset Echo: Dorchester traders vent anger over 'eyesore' bins

The default setting for people in Dorchester is hands on hips, staring angrily into the middle distance. Nothing has changed.

Road crossing anger, again

Sheffield Star: Man points to exact location of problem road crossing

"Done a poo"

Spotter's Badge: Maggi

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rubbish flats anger

Essex Echo: "I'm living in a slum" says Canvey Island resident

1. Discover oil

2. Declare independence for Canvey Island

3. Move to palace

4. ???


Spotter's Badge: Barry

House break-in anger

Derbyshire Times: Woman's house broken into after hugely specific description of taking a bath after shovelling coal

They're right. It IS grim up north.

Spotter's Badge: Maggi

Changing rooms anger

Wakefield Express: Local footballers furious over poor state of changing rooms

Many a Sunday footballer will look at this picture and say the same as I: "BLOODY LUXURY!"

Spotter's Badge: Paul