Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Broken glass anger

Bolton News: Bin men refuse to take broken window

Hang on, fixed that for you

Spotters Badge: Shaz

Late night police visit anger

Stoke Sentinel: Police bang on man's door at 1.30am in bid to find PC's lost mobile phone

With a picture of what a mobile phone might look like

Holly tree anger

Batley News: Fury over council's plans to axe 100-year-old holly trees for no reason at all

Well played, angry hat bloke.

Spotter's Badge: Len

Monday, December 30, 2013

Pothole TV anger

Dorking and Leatherhead Advertiser: Pothole campaigners to be on Channel 5 documentary

The sign says: "Warning - Man in wheelchair being chased by ninja"

Self-appointed poop scooping anger

Stoke Sentinel: Bloke who clears away other people's dog poo gets fined for littering

It's not until you get to four paragraphs from the end for the real story to emerge: "What was unacceptable was the verbal abuse which Mr Taylor unleashed on our enforcement officer, who was only trying do her job keeping the streets clean and safe for the community."

Apart from the swearing at uniformed officials, keep up the good work.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Santa's Grotto anger

Manchester Evening News: 'Scumbag' vandals smash up Santa's grotto at miniature railway attraction

Kudos for managing to look furious while sitting in a tiny, tiny train

Spotter's Badge: Karen

Faded road markings anger

Brentwood Gazette: Mums say "think of the kiddiewinks" over 'barely visible' road markings outside school

Not wanting to editorialise it, but it's the paper who put 'barely visible' in weasel quotes

Spotter's Badge: Barry

Sports ground dog egg anger

This is Wiltshire: Man rather dislikes having to pick up dog poo from sports ground


Friday, December 27, 2013

Town centre flats anger

Essex Echo: Dismay over plans to convert town centre offices into flats

And a killer comment from our new hero ShipShape:

"I won't believe a word of this until the Echo produces a photograph of someone mournfully pointing at the block of flats. Mrs Rackley has let herself, the Labour party and the town of Basildon down by failing to raise at least one angst ridden finger towards the dastardly building."

ShipShape, you are a star.

Spotter's Badge: Barry

Golf ball anger

Watford Observer: Family upset as ball from golf centre hits their car

And this comment has five up-votes. I despair: "Benefit scroungers trying to fleece a honest business to pay for damage they probably did themselves when drunk!"

Spotter's Badge: TRT

Czech in the post anger

Swindon Advertiser: Man robbed in Czech Republic baffled by court papers written in Czech

HINT: Google "Czech Translation Swindon"

Spotter's Badge: George

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Aircraft noise anger

Brisbane Courier Mail: Bloke complains between 13,475 and 270,000 times about aircraft noise

Yeah, it's easy to lose count when you get into the high thousands

Spotter's Badge: Rob J

Broken window anger

Hartlepool Mail: Family upset after man throws brick through window

Those trackies. Can't stop looking at those trackies.

Spotter's Badge: Stevens

Yellow line anger

Bolton News: Resident angry over new yellow lines outside flats

All fine and dandy until people who live there say THEY'VE got no problem with them, so shut up.

Spotter's badge: Karen

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Dog not just for Christmas anger

Liverpool Echo: Bloke wants a dog for Christmas

...and a commentor reveals that she will let him have one, if he agrees to marry him. Done himself there.

Spotter's Badge: Nick

Santa parking ticket anger

Derby Telegraph: Fury as parking warden tickets people taking part in charity Santa run

"It's illegal to take pictures of people without their permission" claims one numpty in the comments.

No. No it isn't.

Spotter's Badge: Andrew

Stolen Santa anger

Aberdeen Evening Express: Fury as fans of good taste steal garden Santa

Nice jumper

Spotter's Badge: David

Stolen bike anger

Sunshine Coast Daily: Cyclist mourns the loss of his stolen bike

...and seeks solace through the picture of a bicycle in the middle of the road. Until he is run over and killed by a milk float.

Spotter's Badge: Rob J

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Stolen Snowman anger

Brentwood Gazette: Bloke positively raging after illuminated snowman stolen from garden

Yeah, that'll be the Taste Police

Spotter's Badge: Barry

Too small for Santa anger

Gloucester Citizen: Mum fuming after Santa says daughter is 'too small'

And guess who subsequently went wading into the comments? Glorious stuff.

Spotter's Badge: Thomas

Attempted theft anger

Dorset Echo: Bloke who used to service my car nearly - but not quite - gets broken into

Highly recommended if you have a French car and live in a small area of South Dorset.

Spotter's Badge: Christina

Burst pipe anger

Sheffield Star: Angry chap wants the council to do something

Good news. The council are doing something.

Spotter's Badge: Maggi

Monday, December 23, 2013

Mouldy home anger double bill

Lancashire Telegraph: Mould in house, man points

Portsmouth News: Mould in house, man doesn't point

Nice socks, not-pointing bloke

Spotter's Badges: Karen, Jon

Car crash anger

Essex County Standard: Pensioner fined for driving his car into cyclist's house

Lance Armstrong's let himself go since he packed it all in

Spotter's Badge: Waggiatlarge

Confiscated phone anger

Hull Daily Mail: Family's self-righteous fury after girl's mobile phone confiscated by school

...because she broke the school rules. Over 200 comments on this one, a cavalcade of mockery.

Spotter's Badge: Kerry, Ian, Steve, Everybody

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Neighbourly dispute anger

Toronto Star: Dispute gets a tad out of hand

You know how it goes. One day you're borrowing a cup of sugar, the next it's obscene signs in the front garden. We've all been there

Spotter's Badge: Rob J

Nelson Mandela jokes anger

Birmingham Mail: Shopkeep arrested over Nelson Mandela jokes

...but if you read on, there's FAR more to it than that.

Spotter's Badge: Paul

Wildlife crime anger

Evening Standard: Polar bear furious at being killed to death

If somebody comes up to you in the pub and offers you a dead polar bear, call the police

Spotter's Badge: Rachel

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Massive badger anger (not sexy slang)

Essex Echo: Massive badger (not sexy slang) WRECKING MY LIFE

I repeat: Not sexy slang

Spotter's Badge: Barry

Cratered road anger

Border Mail: Bloke complains about potholed road

Pictured heere holding his kangaroo neutering kit

Spotter's Badge: Meredith

Bus shelter anger

Eastern Daily Press: Councillor expresses fury after bus shelter smashed

...through the medium of song

Spotter's Badge: Dioclese

Friday, December 20, 2013

Depressed crime victim Santa anger

Border Mail: Bloke throws in the towel as local Santa Claus after theft of Christmas lights

You'll never see a more depressed-looking Santa. Christmas is OVER, people.

UPDATE: Christmas BACK ON AGAIN. It's a Festivus miracle!

Spotter's Badge: Meredith

New pizza shop anger

Reading Post: Shopkeeps unhappy that Domino's Pizza to take over old Blockbuster shop

I'm against it too, as it's right near my work and oh my god the temptation give me extra large meatballs barbecue sauce argh

That's my actual wording to the planning committee.

Driving in bus lane anger

Birmingham Mail: Mum-of-eight gets caught driving in bus lane. Ten times.

...and thinks she shouldn't have to pay. The comments in this one are particularly depressing, so everybody loses here.

A novel concept as well: Photographed being furious in every room of the house.

Smelly alleyway anger

Waltham Forest Guardian: Alleyway still being used as a toilet three years after local WCs close

Complete with punning signs being held like they're contaminated

Spotter's Badge: Beth

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Liverpool Post: RIP

Liverpool Post: Goodbye

Today sees the last of the Liverpool (Daily) Post after 158 years. It's always sad to see a title close, especially one with such a long history of reporting regional news. Farewell, and good luck to all former Post staffers.

Street parking anger with the best newspaper comment ever

Essex Echo: Residents angry about people parking legally in their street

I am indebted to the commenter ShipShape who recognises what this blog is all about:

"I think its a disgrace that the Echo has flagrantly risked having Trevor's innards splashed all over the road by not making him wear a Hi Vis jacket whilst having his picture taken. (And a fine picture it is too, kudos to the photographer, he has captured the glint of desperation and hopelessness in the subject's eye.)
I digress, how many more members of the public will be put at risk by this Newspaper's wanton disregard for their readership's safety?

What if a child were to read this article and decide that they too will photograph their chums on the road? The poor little mites copying the example set by the Echo and neglecting to don the necessary PPE to step out onto the highway? It's tantamount to murder!


Spotter's Badge: Cora, Barry

Late for the Nativity anger

Liverpool Echo: Police called after latecomers barred from school play


It's a miracle!

Spotter's Badge: "On the feast of" Stephen

Too loud busker anger

Birmingham Mail: Busker moved on by music fan official for playing 'too loud'

Of course, there's more to this than the headline suggests

Starbucks closure anger

Grimsby Telegraph: Petition to stop Starbucks from closing

From our spotter: As if that wasn't enough in the skewed-priority department, there's a Costa literally 20 seconds walk away. And a Caffe Nero. And a McD's. And a BHS. And a... etc

Spotter's Badge: RS

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bus stop white line (goes through my mind) anger

East London Advertiser: White line cock-up means buses can't use bus stop

Well done, Boris. Bloody well done.

Spotter's Badge: jxmitchell, usuallybored @ Reddit; Beth