Thursday, December 05, 2013

No gritting anger

Lancashire Telegraph: Lack of grit on icy road leads to broken ankle for biker

COMMENTARD KLAXON: And the first comment blames her entirely.

Spotter's Badge: Karen


Anonymous said...

'she was travelling at just 2mph when her Suzuki Bandit 600 spun out of control in Gannow Lane, Burnley.'

Spun out of control at 2mph? More like fell over.

Robin of Locksley said...

Alistair, if you'd read 'Crash' you'd have flagged this up as a specialist niche interest.

Now I'm asked to type:
undertake arsrupd
(and people think I'M weird)

Anonymous said...

Alas, no poor-taste 'gritter'puns on either website.

Anonymous said...

She's 44? She must have had a long paper round as a kid! Sheesh!