Thursday, December 19, 2013

Street parking anger with the best newspaper comment ever

Essex Echo: Residents angry about people parking legally in their street

I am indebted to the commenter ShipShape who recognises what this blog is all about:

"I think its a disgrace that the Echo has flagrantly risked having Trevor's innards splashed all over the road by not making him wear a Hi Vis jacket whilst having his picture taken. (And a fine picture it is too, kudos to the photographer, he has captured the glint of desperation and hopelessness in the subject's eye.)
I digress, how many more members of the public will be put at risk by this Newspaper's wanton disregard for their readership's safety?

What if a child were to read this article and decide that they too will photograph their chums on the road? The poor little mites copying the example set by the Echo and neglecting to don the necessary PPE to step out onto the highway? It's tantamount to murder!


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Paul said...

But what's his house worth? It's not a proper sadface without that info. And is he working or not? (Unless he's over 90 and has a medal.)