Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas lights anger and a New Year's message

Dorset Echo: Poor Christmas lights make local woman sad

FACT: Dorchester was once voted the town with the worst Christmas lights in the country - a single string of white lights - several years ago, a feat I witnessed with my own eyes. I'm pleased to see they are continuing this tradition.

And that, dear readers, is all from Angry People in Local Newspapers for 2011. You'll be pleased to hear that there is plenty more anger to come in 2012. Happy New Year!

Local council anger

Bexley News Shopper: Support for suspended councillor something something ice rink something

"I'd show her my Bolero"

Spotter's Badge: Peter

Lost a kid down a pothole anger

Hemsworth and South Elmsall Express: Resident concerned potholes are a danger to the kiddiewinks

"Won't somebody think of the children?"

Road crossing anger

Yorkshire Evening Post: Residents want new road crossing, but DON'T KNOW WHERE

May I venture to suggest: "Across the road"

Spotter's Badge: Paul

Friday, December 30, 2011

No television anger

Portsmouth News: Families face Christmas without television after cables are cut through

And controversy in the comments: "If she's 41 I will eat my hat."

Spotter's Badge: Jon

Parking charges anger, again again

This is Local London: Shoppers threaten to go elsewhere as parking fees increased

A glare that would break glass

Spotter's Badge: Ray

Massive phone bill anger, again

Manchester Evening News: Lovestruck teenager runs up £900 phone bill talking to girlfriend

Complete with hearty 'Stuff you' quote from the phone company.

Spotter's Badge: Charlie

Super sewer anger

Lewisham News Shopper: Petition handed in against plans for super sewer

It's like a 90s indie band cover

Spotter's Badge: Peter

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sacked postie anger

Edinburgh Evening News: Postie loses job after confusion over criminal record

And they let crims operate our telephone networks. Hence the name "cell phone".

Spotter's Badge: Caroline

Bowling alley anger

Cambridge News: Manager's anger as van ploughs into bowling alley doors

"I'd rent a pair of slightly damp and funny smelling shoes before bowling one right up the middle of her lane"

Spotter's Badge: Studley

Fire hazard anger

Liverpool Echo: Pensioners told artwork is 'fire hazard'

Actually, it's not health and safety, it's because they're shit

Spotter's Badge: @MerseyMal

Bus route anger, again

London 24: Anger as route changes mean up to 20 minute walk to nearest stop

A plan! How about laying on some sort of paid transport or 'omnibus' to take residents to the bus stop?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas theft anger

Hull Daily Mail: 'Scum' steal £2,500 worth of Christmas presents

Sadly, the paper closed the comments after a great swathe of readers cast doubt on the value of the goods. Hmm...

Spotter's Bdge: Pete

Vandalised garden anger

Brighouse Echo: Prize-winning garden smashed up by vandals

Awww... look at his little face.

Seriously: Somebody find these scumbags and mulch through their letterbox, it's the only language these curs understand

Spotter's Badge: Ross

Rubbish and poo anger

Ilkeston Advertiser: Football manager's anger over dog mess and litter left on pitch

Packing them in for the big match, I see

Frostbite Anger

Sunderland Echo: Damp house 'left man with frostbite'

He didn't pose for this picture, he just froze in that position reaching for the teabags

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Clamping anger

Portsmouth News: Clampers causing a shopping slump, say traders

Great to see John Simm reprising his role of The Master from Doctor Who for this one

Spotter's Badge: Jon

Cold house anger

Lynn News: Tenant's anger at freezing home

Coat on indoors - check.
Heater in shot - check.
Bonus: Clutching hot drink

Spotter's Badge: Laura

Parking charges anger, again

Paddock Wood Courier: Shopkeepers in ghost town fear parking charges will make ghost town even more of a ghost town

In summary: Ghosts

Spotter's Badge: Rob

Shoddy building work anger

Essex Echo: Family want justice over building dispute, despite company going bust

Our spotter says: "I'd fill her crack"

Spotter's Badge: Barry

Monday, December 26, 2011

Del and Rodney Christmas Anger

Bristol Evening Post: Anger at 'Scrooge' council as Nelson Mandela Towers residents' Christmas lights are switched off

Lovely, and indeed, jubbly

Spotter's Badge: Twm

Road crossing anger, again again

Bournemouth Echo: Local campaigners demand new road crossing


"But... but... it's cold and you're only a photographer"


Parking ticket outside own home anger

Lynn News: Woman gets £70 ticket for parking outside her own home

And the moment the commentards lose all sympathy: "...and that her 4x4 is too big to get onto the drive"

Spotter's Badge: Laura

Supermarket cat anger

Edinburgh Evening News: Camapign to reverse ban on supermarket cat

Can't see the problem, you can get cat in many other retail outlets

Spotter's Badge: Caroline

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas hat ban anger

Manchester Evening News: Swanky bar bans punters from wearing rubbish festive hats

I'm with the bar on this one

Spotter's Badge: Charlotte

Santa's grotto anger

York Press: Fear and loathing at Santa's grotto as Groupon offer goes tits-up

"One man even verbally threatened the lady who is dressed as a Christmas tree," she said. "One of the elves was so upset that she has resigned. It was a complete nightmare."

Spotter's Badge: Ben, Andy, Nathan

Christmas anger

Hebden Bridge Times: Anger as vandal wrecks local Christmas tree lights

I imagine the words "It's the kiddiewinks I feel sorry for" were spoken

Spotter's Badge: Maggi

Christmas charity box anger

Halifax Courier: Anger as sneak thieves steal charity tin from RSPCA shop

Good grief, there are actual commentards on this story blaming the shop staff (who I would etc etc etc) for leaving a charity tin in plain sight. Happy Christmas, angry people

Spotter's Badge: Paul

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas parking anger

Swindon Advertiser: Anger as drivers forced to park on yellow lines to pick up parcels from depot

Our spotter says: 'I'd double park her and block both her entries' etc etc

Spotter's Badge: Paul

Metal theft anger

Batley News: Metal thieves steal catalytic converter from disabled kids' school bus. Three times

Replace it with a real, starving cat. Wait.

Spotter's Badge: Paul

Football rivallry anger

Shropshire Star: Man sadly caresses football stadium following vandalism by rival fans

I suprised they could even spell "Wrexham"

Spotter's Badge: Rhys

Lack of Christmas spirit anger

Hampshire Chronicle: Hardware store owner's anger over cathedral ban on handing out leaflets

Sorry pal - you've got no chance since B&Q sponsored the Ten Commandments.

Spotter's Badge: Sarah

Friday, December 23, 2011

Arson spree anger

Hull Daily Mail: Dismay as newlywed blames pressure of marriage for arson spree

Don't be so upset, squatting bloke. That's a shoe-in for next year's Turner Prize

Spotter's Badge: Peter

Street parking anger

Halifax Courier: Residents 'up in arms' as cars park quite legally in their street

And it is at this point that my seemingly never-ending supply of giving a shit runs out

Spotter's Badge: Paul

Noisy students anger

Lancaster Guardian: Hotel owner pays out £850 to guests after noisy student party keeps them awake

There's a look of fury if ever I saw one

Spotter's Badge: Martin

Rubbish toilets anger

Cambs Times: Manager ferrying visitors to nearby toilets in fury at state of local facilities

As any football fan will tell you: You're shit aaaaargh!

Spotter's Badge: Laura

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Maggots in a Jar anger

Kent Online: Pregnant woman's fury at supermarket - and subsequent fury at news website commentards - after finding maggots in jar of pickles

Get in there, girl

Spotter's Badge: Tristan, David, Jessie

Brothel anger

Adelaide Now: Residents shocked - SHOCKED - to find out that they live near knocking shops

"I wouldn't even bother with a double entendre"

Tree planting anger

Essex Echo: Bid to overturn ban on planting trees

It's Essex. They'd only eat them, or try to have sex with them. Or both.

Spotter's Badge: Barry

Light bulb anger

Northampton Chronicle: Anger over two month wait to fix light at canal bridge

Angry Johnny Vegas is angry

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Manchester United anger

Manchester Evening News: Fan angry as United introduce dress code for the posh seats at Old Trafford

The killer quote: "I'm not a chav"

Also, that's £4,000 per season for 19 home Premier League matches and whatever cup games come in the price. Yikes.

Spotter's Badge: Maria

Pruned tree anger

Melton Leader: Fury as council prunes a branch from man's tree

Introducing a new Angry People category: First World problems

Dog crap on the pitch anger

Morecambe Visitor: Angry footballers plant flags in dog crap in campaign against fouling

It's even worse than you think. The flags won 3-0

Hoon anger, again

Berwick Leader: Residents under siege from local hooligans

In other news, there is such a thing as a "Hoon Hotline"

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Apples from heaven anger

Coventry Telegraph: Mystery of apples falling from the sky

"One theory is freak weather conditions may have caused a vortex of water pressure, which is when wind and rain form a powerful vacuum that can lift items and dump them up to 100 miles away. Some also believe the apples fell from a plane."

That'll be "people throwing apples", then.

Spotter's Badge: Cody

Is there no end to this pothole anger

York Press: Residents complain as giant letter S appears in road

...closely followed by H I T H O L E

Dog poop anger, again again

Sutton Guardian: You wait hours for an anti-dog poop poster campaign, and two come along at once

What's the point? DOGS CAN'T READ

Massive phone bill anger

Essex Echo: Schoolgirl has NO IDEA how her phone bill came in at £6,900

And the Court of Newspaper Comments judges her as an idiot. Lovely, lovely people.

Spotter's Badge: Barry

Monday, December 19, 2011