Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Yet more phone mast anger

St Helens Reporter: Actual headline: People people thwarts mast plans

"People people?"

Should read "Stupid people..."


TRT said...

I'd show her what kind of great reception you get with a huge pole in your never-wheres.

Drivelcast said...

Does 'People people' mean that everyone in that photo described themselves as a 'people person'? You know, "I'm a real people person, me"
"Really, so am I!"
"Wow! Look at us two people people!"

Anyhow, what's Alex James doing lurking at the back? Hasn't he got a van-load of apple-n-dogshit cheese to flog?

isolator42 said...

Blonde at the front left:
Get a load of MY mast, etc, etc.