Sunday, December 18, 2011

Blast from the past anger

Dorset Echo: Flashback series shows 1997 anger over proposed ostrich farm

Kitten burger. Just like chicken.

Spotter's Badge: Ben


Tim Todhunter said...

bonus point's for grocer's apo'strophe

Studley said...

What next? Kitten burgers?

Flash-forward: No. A reassuring reminder of the lunacy of the public.

Matt H said...

Mmmm Kitten Burgers, I had one of those at my local kebab shop last week.


Mark C (Cambridge) said...

“Stop The Exploitation of Ostrich’s”

Use of apostrophe?

Then again, after half a bottle of Merlot, it does gets confusing, so in fairness, it could be right – (somebody tell me???) – however, either way, , it is December so we can blame on an over-eager undergraduate doing some vacation based work experience..