Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Overgrown hedgerow anger masterclass

Ongar Gazette: With all the world's problems solved, local councillor demands action on hedges and potholes

So. Much. Despair.

Spotter's Badge: Barry


TRT said...

Are you sure he's not making hand signals to the aliens?


Jesus of right handed wanker said...

Notice how he always uses his right hand!

notjoanarmatradingLocksley said...

Tracey Chapman, Essex County Council cabinet member for highways and transportation said: "You've got a fast car".
I wondered what happened to her.

ketatuti issfewsp
You don't hear that every day

Halloway said...

Look back in Ongar.

Fishsta said...

I'm PRETTY sure he's pointing to the same pothole twice. Y'know, to make the problem look a lot worse than it actually is.