Friday, March 28, 2014

Don't Get Angry, Get On TV

I've been approached by the well-known TV production company Mentorn and asked if I can help them in their search for participants in a forthcoming programme called Angry Britain.

The producers tell me it will be "an in depth look into whether Britain is becoming an angry nation and why. Using self-shot footage by ordinary people in everyday situations, we want to find out what makes Brits lose their temper, what our trigger points are, and how we all deal with volatile and confrontational situations. The programme will include expert analysis, interviews and first hand witness accounts from across the country."

So. They're "looking to speak to people with footage of an angry incident occurring…It might be through passion, someone's ineptness or just something silly- any story about anger would be useful."

Is this you? Contact Robyn Stephenson at Mentorn or call 020 7258 6703 if you think you can help.


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