Saturday, March 08, 2014

Light switch anger

Llanelli Star: Badly-placed light switch causes minor inconvenience

Never mind, going to the papers will sort it out

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James said...

"Each household is also given £250 to thank them for their patience while work is carried out."

"Sorry for all the free home improvements we've carried out for you. We realise it would've been much easier for you to hire a decorator, electrician and carpenter yourself, arrange for them to carry out the work and then pay them out of your own pocket. To make amends, here's a stack of cash. Oh, and if any of the work is not to your liking, feel free to contact us to get it changed, and then run whining to the papers anyway."

Please tell me they relocated her light-switch to somewhere under the shower.

Alistair Coleman said...

James: Ha ha!

Bob the Bodger said...

James: They're tenants. They don't own the houses and part of their rent covers repairs and maintenance.
Note the fact that the electricians have not removed the old wiring but have run new wires down the walls and covered them with plastic. Would an owner-occupier put up with that and switches which stick out further than the door frames?

James said...

If the work was done for free, and I'd been given £250 into the deal, I'd probably manage to put up with it until it got fixed (also for free) without moaning to the papers...