Friday, February 24, 2012

Damp council house anger

Reading Evening Post: Damp in house is putting the health of my six children at risk, says pointy man, pointing at damp

I know once place he could stick a cork


corn chowder said...

If he's so unhappy, can't he just move out?

TRT said...

I'd give her a damp patch.

RobinOfLocksley said...

This should have special appeal to the Daily Mail readers. They love to hear about the fecund underclass demanding a better quality of free house. It gives them a warm glow; at least, I think it does - they seem to turn red |-)
Oh, and TRT:- are you sure? I mean really, really sure ?

TRT said...

Well, unless she's a complete and utter lezzer, the sight of me would definitely get the downspout flowing. Heck, I have to change my underwear if I catch sight of myself in a mirror. Woof!
Right, goggles on, last one back's a homo.

Drivelcast said...

He was told: "It’s condensation, you’ve got too many kids in the house." Mr McDonnell showed the inspector that a downpipe was leaking into his home and there was a "five-inch gap" in damp proofing.

So use one child to plug the gap. Either organise a rota to take turns, or just use the child you like least. FFS, can people not think for themselves anymore?

Anonymous said...

Worst. John Travolta impression. EVER!!!