Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dirty streets anger

Dover Express: Former street sweeper angry over state of Dover's roads since he gave up the broom

On the bright side: Sandals WITHOUT socks

Spotter's Badge: Tony


TRT said...

The open-toed sandals are an obvious back-lash against years of being forced by elfen safety to wear steelies.

Anonymous said...

Some bloke called Mr Johnson who suffers from multiple cerebral bleeds pops into the articler andomly at para 4:

Former security worker Mr Johnson, who suffers from multiple cerebral bleeds in his brain and can't work, said: "We pay our taxes to these people and they do not seem to be doing a good enough job.

Who he?

Anyway, great to see a mature Englishman wearing sandals without socks. Never mind Mr Robinson, when I left my old job it went downhill - it has never been the same since!

TRT said...

Yes, but your old job was brakeman on the Snowdonia Railway.

RobinOfLocksley said...

And don't forget the above-average poo-pointing, either; he's positively threatening it! Excellent work!

Anonymous said...

@TRT -nice one Centurion!