Saturday, February 18, 2012

Charity shop theft anger

Yorkshire Evening Post: Hole-in-the-wall burglars break into charity shop, steal biscuits

"I'd crawl in through her massive hole"

Spotter's Badge: Yasmin


Perv said...

What exactly is she doing?

Anonymous said...

Dunno, Perv the mind boggles. Mind you, the burglar did her a favour nicking the biscuits!

Norkmeister said...

Sadly she's the wrong side on the norks-belly ratio.

TRT said...

I'd let her sample my cream assortment.

isolator42 said...

Not the brightest thieves on God's good Earth, eh? That much damage could've got them into pretty much anywhere, & they end up in a charity shop.

Still, she can nibble my Garibaldis anyday.