Monday, February 20, 2012

Planning application anger

Barnet Times: Residents furious as planning application waved through despite objections

And the trend toward angry fist-shaking in local newspapers continues apace. Don't think we haven't noticed.

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RobinOfLocksley said...

Ah, enraged NIMBYs - where would local newspapers be without them? One of them appears to have turned up on a motor mower; a bit strange.
You'll notice that arm-folding can't be utilised when you all have an A4 mini-poster to hold up. As it only requires one hand, what's to do with the other hand? Looks like the man in front is sticking his thumb in that woman's eye for want of a better idea.

isolator42 said...

I haven't even read the article, so I feel almost over-qualified to voice an opinion:

On a yes/no decision like this, the process is either
'a toatl farce... rant, rant...' or
'excellent... right decision' etc.

Always love the objectivity...