Monday, February 06, 2012

Illegal fireworks anger

Whittlesea Leader: Police fed up with illegal fireworks

The one thing I have learned from this piece is that Australia has a law called the Crimes Act, to protect people from CRIMES


The Owl Wood said...

Ah, The CRIMES Act. Isn't that the one that's made out of Kevlar so that snitching folk can wrap themselves in it to prevent sudden appliance of bushwhack by person or persons unknown leaping out from behind a darkened kangaroid?

Grotty photo - two chaps in mild uniform with hands on hips, a stock photo of a sparkler or Roman Candle would have been better.

TRT said...

"Ah reckon the culprit is hiding somewhere in the outback. Probably watchin' us right now, the drongo. What's that Skippy? You want us to follow you?"

RobinOfLocksley said...

Is Doreen a town, like Alice?

Anonymous said...

two (semi) free range policemen.
A rare sight in Australia.