Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bad E-Fit

Queensland Police Service: Police seek suspect for bank robbery

Worst Blues Brothers tribute EVER

Don't have nightmares

Spotter's Badge: Steve


lucy joy said...

I see Badly Drawn Boy has a Summer hat. How does he keep his shades on?

Rob, The Blog said...

They're stick-on shades, for those without ears; all the crims use them.

TRT said...

Welcome back, Luce!

"We are the good 'ol Blues Brother wurzel boys!"

RobinOfL said...

Er, it's a woman. Surprised you missed that, TRT |-). Admittedly, there's a strong Belushi resemblance

Drivelcast said...

With the royalties for 'Good Enough' finally drying up, the drummer from Dodgy appears to have fallen on hard times.

Drivelcast said...

Actually, thinking about it, this is some sort of awful monster created by merging *all* of Dodgy, isn't it?