Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bizarre bus misery anger

Northern Echo: Some people complain about too many buses, while some people get no buses at all. Help!

I'd show her my extensive collection of bus tickets. And my bus ticket machine. And several other things to do with buses. Mmmm... buses

Spotter's Badge: Nick


Jesus of Bus Wanking said...

Bus Wankers

Jesus of Trans Vestite said...

Looks like a bloke in drag ffs!

isolator42 said...

the caption on that pic (on the Northern Echo website) reads
"NO SERVICE: Gail Hardy"

...if I had anything to do with it she's be getting all the service she could handle & then some :)

TRT said...

I reckon she's got room for one more on top. Bus tickets? I'd give her one. Any chance of a free ride? I'd punch her ticket. etc etc etc.