Friday, November 13, 2009

Prisoner in own home ange-ARRRRGH!

Bournemouth Echo: 32-stone man trapped in house for eight years

FACT! American author Bill Bryson started his writing career at the Bournemouth Echo. If he were dead right now, he'd be spinning in his grave.

I mention this because the Echo published this story in both the Bournemouth Echo and the Weymouth-based Dorset Echo, and saved money by sending just the one reporter and photographer.

At some point in the proceedings, one thing must have led to another, the words "Go on, take yer top off" must have been uttered, and this happened:

Dorset Echo: 32-stone man trapped in house for eight years

Approximately 20,000 people in South Dorset are paying 32p to see this, and now - thanks to the miracle of the internets - so can you.

Let it go on record that I feel genuinely sorry for this chap, but really: *boilk*


headless said...

I've just been a little bit sick in my mouth

Westengland said...

Some stats:
33 journalist killed so far [in 2009].
30 journalists missing [in 2009}
760 journalists killed since 1992.
483 journalist murdered since 1992.
(Committee For The Protection Of Journalists -

Needless to say, none of the numbers above refer to English "journalists"...

Alistair Coleman said...

As a journalist who nearly joined that list on at least one occasion - what's your point?

WrathofDawn said...

Boilk, indeed. Poor sod.

Also: Wot Scary said.

Sky Clearbrook said...

He looks eerily like Stuart Maconie.

ChairboyRules said...

He looks earily like ME