Thursday, November 05, 2009

International Selection, again Haunted house raises safety concerns

Hey, THE MAN, leave him alone. If he wants to build a haunted house out of chainsaws and plastic sheeting soaked in petrol, that's nobody's business but his own.

Spotter: Edward Vielmetti

South East Advertiser: Government pays to insulate demolished house

She's not angry. She's hopping mad. Extra points for use of the word "rorting", whatever that means.

Spotter: Simon Rumble


Westengland said...

@SEA: Pseudonymph and Squeakypony will tell you what "rort" and its declensions mean (it's Australian English). If they do, I invite them to compose limericks rhyming "Coorparoo" with "done a poo" and "Greg Hunt" with whatever they think they can get away with on an international site for all the family like this one.

Westengland said...

@AA: Funny, our tourist organisations' briefings never seem to discuss appealling to typical American "little people" (nothing wrong with "little people" , BTW) like this county's locals. I wonder how many of them can afford to take holidays outside Michigan, let alone the USA - those that can afford holidays, that is.