Tuesday, November 03, 2009

International selection

International selection

Who knew? People are just as angry in their local newspapers in other countries too. A special shout-out to Australia - must be something to do with their lack of skill with the cricket bat.

Newcastle Herald: Aussies do their nut over housing scheme

Although, by the time the press showed, only one enraged citizen remained.

Westside News: More Australians angry over demolition of home

Superb anger from the kids in this shot.

Liverpool Champion: Even more Aussies campaign over park

Classic arms-crossed anger, with the kids - once again - showing us how it's done.

Spotter: Claire

Krone (Austria): Ach du liebe Gott! Mein Fenster ist gebrochen!

And you know who else was a)Austrian and b) angry? EXACTLY

Spotter: Onions


Westengland said...

Wonderful that non-English language papers are appearing; if you can read the language, it always seems funnier.

I would recommend non-Anglo Commonwealth countries' newspapers' sites: it's great to read stuff by, say, African, Caribbean, Indian and South-East Asian people who are each"one of us".

Back to the report - I wonder what this bloke's got in his cellar?

Westengland said...

P.S. (sorry, thought Oz pics on separate site).

Our Kangaland cousins - the more they try to be different from us back in The Isles, the more they seem the same.