Thursday, November 19, 2009

Not-a-terrorist-at-all anger

Macclesfield Express: Man seething over 'terrorist' gaffe

How do we know this man isn't a terrorist? Where's the proof? This could all be a superb double-bluff and his name really is Al-Jazeera Terrorist. Got anything to say, Simon - or should we say 'Al'?

(Our legal advisers tell us that we have to make it clear this gentleman is NOT a terrorist. Neither does he like the luxury chocolate eclairs they sell in M&S)

Spotter: Derek the Dog


TRT said...

I am Jewish, so I haven’t taken this personally

Non-sequitur of the year - WIN! Thank God for Judaism.

Esqui said...

Irony: (noun)
"Whoever the culprits responsible for sending the letter are, they have spelt "Aljazera" – possibly a reference to the Arabic news and current affairs TV channel – incorrectly."
"The real Aljazerra station,"

Not "Al-Jazeera" then? I call Skitt's Law!

Centre Fourwords said...

Omid Djalili innit

Alistair Coleman said...

Chris: I thought it was Muphry's Law - the act of telling someone they have made a spelling mistake will ALWAYS contain a spelling mistake.