Friday, November 27, 2009

Lap-dancing anger

Oxford Mail: Far too many babies upset over lap-dancing club

There are far, far too many babies in this shot, and shame on ANYONE who is not carrying their offspring. I imagine Baby Jesus is pretty upset, too.

Angry people count: 28, including angry babies, but not including people in background whose angry status is unknown

Spotter: Suzanne Peedell


Halloway said...

Nah, I think the bloke in the foreground is a bit ambivalent, you know, thinking maybe a lap-dancing club wouldn't be a *total* disaster.

Amanda Huggenkiss said...

Smug Bible bashers taunting the general public with a display of how much "lap dancing" is going on back at their place. Dirty buggers.

Anonymous said...

“Would they allow a lapdancing club to open next door to a primary school?” Evidently this chap hasn't seen that school in Soho.