Monday, November 02, 2009

Bin anger

Bolton News: Residents angry, slightly whiffy over bins

Although - if we are going to be strict about this - some of the angry people in this picture do not seem to be very angry at all.

Spotter: Lee Buckley

A 'Right-click disabled' special

Cambs Times: Proper old-school anger over arsonists

You'll have to take my word for it. Click through to see whole crowds of exceedingly angry people, some of whom are clutching clipboards

Spotter: Hannah Mudge


Westengland said...

Note, however, a youngster has already picked up on "arms folded" body language, whilst the oldsters are familiar with the "leaning on (subject of ire)" posture.

BTW: at the risk of sounding pervy, it's odd. isn't it, how women of a certain age seem to forget that the modern bra is designed to be finely adjusted to provide proper support - and that those women are happy to appear in the local media illustrating this phenomenon?

Anonymous said...

Simply disable Javascript to get around the no right click nonsense. Better still, in Firefox and Opera, you can just change the Javascript settings in the preferences to not allow scripts to disable right click (context menus). If you use IE, you may have some luck pressing both mouse buttons at the same time.