Friday, November 06, 2009

The old "triple-whammy"

Macclesfield Express: Anger over hospital ward closure

I get the feeling the Macc Express is doing this on purpose.

Still, "Angry People holding picture of other angry people whilst more angry people lurk in the background under a caption reminding us they are FURIOUS" is an entirely new concept I haven't yet experienced, and the Macc Express is now my new favourite newspaper.

Spotter: Tim Poole

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Westengland said...

Not just "angry" and "furious" but "fear(ful)" "devastated", "outraged" and "shocked" as well. FYI, the ME is ultimately ownwed by the Guardian Media Group, so maybe they could send in a team including David Leigh, NIck Davies, Madeline Bunting, Peter Wilby, Roy Greenslade etc. to investigate Maxonian angst.