Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Artistic anger

North Star News: I went to Tesco, and all I got was a box

Top marks to North Star News lensman Bobby Nelson for this original and artistic take on an otherwise run-of-the-mill story, capturing the seething anger of the subject from the bottom of a Tesco carrier bag.

Remember kids: Plastic bags are not toys.

Spotter: Duke of Prunes


Westengland said...

If that's wha' ye look like after "almost five years" a' Tescos, Ma Mitchell, ah ken ye should go ta oor bonny ScotMid Co-op instead (and mebbe keep off yon tabs, bucky and chippy Mars bars too).

Unknown said...

Very artistic photo though.

WrathofDawn said...

Yes, excellent photo. Top marks for imagination.

Unfortunately, there are enough cheating bastards out there who would think nothing of taking the game out of the box and returning to the store claiming it was never there and getting a free game. My late ex-father-in-law and a few of his family members come to mind... Your only defence as an honest cosumer is to ALWAYS check the box before leaving the store. Better still, get the clerk to do it at the till.