Monday, August 01, 2016

Sports facilities anger

Stoke Sentinel: Neighbours object to proposed new sports facilities at school

Yeah, why should young people get a better chance in life? THINK OF THE PROPERTY PRICES

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Anonymous said...

We had the same reaction when the school I work for applied to expand some sporting facilities.

The neighbours were more creative though: they said it would impact the local butterfly population, disrupt bats and potentially eradicate an unusual species of snail! In addition they pointed out that a lot of students are not from the area and so the changes would not benefit the local kiddies. I spare you the more nauseating excuses that came up, but the council passed it anyway.

In the meantime the local free paper ran a story from the Press Association that said research had found that local house prices were benefiting from a 10% bonus as a result of the school being there...

Unknown said...

Haven't old people done enough damage?

Unknown said...

Haven't old people done enough damage?