Friday, August 26, 2016

Pokemon Go anger

Kent Online: Woman blames Pokemon Go for sex and drugs at her local park

People were shagging and getting high at the swings YEARS before Pikachu showed up.

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Robin of Locksley said...

"The 32-year-old, a dust relocation technician at Allington Primary School"

WTF does a dust relocation technician do?

Anonymous said...

She's a cleaner.


Anonymous said...

Oh where did the comments go, some priceless ones with this story. Never noticed 'the dust relocation technician' bit either - superb!

Nick O'Siris said...

Poor journalism. They've missed out the section where our new favourite Dust Relocation Technician Ms.Otway explains the link between Pokemon Go and a rise in anti-social behaviour in the park.