Sunday, August 21, 2016

Four week wait to empty bins anger

Basingstoke Gazette: Council haven't emptied recycling bin for four weeks because people keep parking in the road on bin day

Hint: Don't park in the road on bin day

Also, I've noticed that councillors in these shots have ditched the hi-viz gear and are now turning up with their lanyards of office around their necks. Don't say we haven't noticed, councillors - we WILL Be taking names.

Spotter's Badge: Gareth


Unknown said...

The regulars must be enjoying the Olympics or something so I will stick my neck out and say: "I'd empty her bins."

Anonymous said...

Or something! LOL

Graham - in reading said...

And a quick check shows it's a residents only parking area so the only tools to blame for the residents rubbish not being collected are ---- the residents who park so poorly the collection lorry can't get up the street.

Teresa Stephanie said...

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