Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Onion rings spider anger

Nottingham Post: Boy left terrified of Asda own-brand onion rings after spider crawled out of his packet

Except it would have been long dead by the time it reached the shop shelf... sooooo, HERE'S YOUR FREE PACKET OF ASDA OWN BRAND ONION RINGS!

Spotter's Badge: Holly, Everybody


Anonymous said...

Fat kid…check; ASDA….check; Croydon facelift…check; chav name (KONNER)…check!

Auld Git said...

If that's genuinely HIS packet, he's on the fast track to obesity. That's not just a family sized bag, it's humungous!

iM said...

I'd ring her onions all right.

Sorry, am I doing this right?!