Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Birmingham City FC and Elvis Presley anger

Birmingham Mail: Bloke told his football and Elvis window displays are bringing the neighbourhood down

Click through for many pictures of a sad Elvis fan.

Spotter's Badge: Jack


Anonymous said...

What's a fan to do? He's caught in a trap! Could up having a blue Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Dat pose reminded me of some body language stuff:

Why Crossed Arms Can be Detrimental

Research conducted into the Crossed-Arms gesture showed interesting results. A group of volunteers was asked to attend a series of lectures and each student was instructed to keep his legs uncrossed, arms unfolded and to take a casual, relaxed sitting position. At the end of the lectures each student was tested on his retention and knowledge of the subject matter and his attitude towards the lecturer was tracked. A second group of volunteers was put through the same process, but these volunteers were instructed to keep their arms tightly folded across their chests throughout the lectures. The results showed that the group with the folded arms had learned and retained 40% less than the group who kept its arms unfolded. The second group also had a more critical opinion of the lectures and of the lecturer.

When you fold your arms your credibility is substantially reduced.

Joe Fonrbone said...

It's not the window displays that are bringing the neighbourhood dwon - it's that kipper! Face like a spanked arse.