Friday, November 29, 2013

Stolen phone eviction anger

Sheffield Star: Mum threatened with eviction after being accused of stealing mobile phone

It is not our place to comment on the names - unusual or otherwise - of people appearing on these pages. But Chelsealee and Bladen. Don't get too many of them to the pound.


Robin Of Locksley said...

You have to feel some sympathy for that kid. As well as being bizarrely named after a range of menswear, he'll have to bear the stigma of being Alfred E. Newman's love-child.

Anonymous said...

The great Alfred E Newman! What, me worry?

Anonymous said...

Chelsealee. Loving the name, loving the style.

Gonzoland said...

"... not many to a pound"
For a pound, you can get 1/124th of a Bladen hacking jacket.
Hacking jacket? You need a blogging jacket. Suit you sir!

btw: At my first attempt to post this, I was shown an old-style, patterned mechanical bell pull on the 'prove not a bot' box. No number, just willow branch.