Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sell-by date anger

Epsom Guardian: Woman claims out-of-date milk drink made her ill

Unless you're commenting on the story, then it's all her fault

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Robin Of Locksley said...

I was trying to read the words on the wall, and leaned over so much that I fell. I've contacted InjuryLawyers4You who will be trying to claim compensation for anyone they think responsible.
I've also contacted my local newspaper, who are always interested in publishing 'I fell over so it must be someone else's fault' stories.

Jasmine Birtles said...

Quite right. If you fell over it was someone else's fault and someone else HAS TO PAY! If only more people realised this then fewer people would fall over when walking along the pavement while texting friends on their mobiles. It's not their fault and lawyers4anyonewhofallsover can help them explain that.

Gonzoland said...

I keyed in the names of the lawyers mentioned above and now I have repetitive strain injury. Also, the wavy '... prove you're not a robot' text has gives me vertigo.