Thursday, November 07, 2013

Broken lift comment trolling anger

Essex Echo: Disabled woman complains that council hasn't fixed lift at her flats for two weeks

And the second - entirely predictable and depressing - comment on the story: "Lose some weight"

If you ask me, the internet went downhill the moment they stopped the written entrance exam.

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Robin Of Locksley said...

Like some of the commentards, I hooted at this bit:

"The breakdown of the lift, which serves the even numbers in the block, has led to more people using the rubbish chutes, which became blocked for four days".

Easy going down but hard work going up, I'd have thought.

Des Pare said...

Robin Of Locksley:
J G Ballard wrote something like that in 'High Rise'.

Arthur Ascii said...

... even worse when retards post 'Loose some weight'.
I say, 'Ban the Mouse' and get back to some real command line interface work using only UNIX.

Anonymous said...

Des Pare, I didn't know that Ballard novel. Now I've checked it out, and I don't think that she (or her dog) would last long!

Arthur, I sometimes share your sentiments as I go right back to the pre-GUI, pre-web days of bulletin boards and Hayes codes. The likes of Amazon and ebay would not be so keen on it, though. |-)

Robin Of Locksley said...

Oops! Slip of the mouse made me Anonymous there.

Norkmeister said...

She has got massive tits though.