Friday, November 15, 2013

Sludge and poo flooding anger

Essex Echo: Woman's garden flooded with sewage after manhole breaks

"Be a love, put your wellies on and stand in it"


Spotter's Badge: Cora, Barry


isolator42 said...

MILF of the week, hands down.

beanisacarrot said...

She looks kinda like she needs a shit.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Wot? No tasteless lechery in the article?

Good job that I42 stepped into the breach.

And I wouldn't mind stepping into her breeches either, I can tell you. Phwoar.

In These Boots? said...

beansisacarrot: Like you? Doubtful.

Stilted Banter said...

Wow, Lucinda Thornton. Not many women could stand ankle-deep in sewage and still radiate irresistible appeal. If I were there I would fall at your feet. Which would be mucky.