Saturday, December 24, 2016

World famous footballer Jamie Vargy anger

Leicester Mercury: Chancer set to lose thousands because Jamie Vardy doesn't want to buy his number plate

Look Jamie, put the plank out of his misery by changing your name to Vargy.


Johnny said...

Well it's up to 2,500 quid now (24th), so he might make it!

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, I have a name that is ideally suited to being spelled out by the old UK number plate format. My first name is CHR1S. and my second name is HOB50N. I'm pretty sure that both of these plates must be out there and available at an astronomical price. However, even if I was so wealthy that I could throw money away on such things I don't think that I would. I tend to think that having a vanity number plate marks you out as a bit of a prat.

A couple of exceptions that I have seen while out on my travels. A Jaguar with a plate that said V12JAG and a really bashed up pick up with a plate that said M4MUK. I also knew a guy who had a plate that read OBA4 that he got off a vintage tractor long before personalised number plates became a thing. He owned a series of Honda motorbikes and transferred the number onto each of them. He was pretty cool.


Johnny said...

I once saw a Rolls-Royce with the plate FAL1C.

Graham - in reading said...

Best plate I ever saw was by Blackbushe airfield on a BMW motorcycle L1NUX.

Unknown said...

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