Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Living on a building site anger

Liverpool Echo: Woman is the only person on her estate not to move out when the builders start renovation project, ends pretty much as you'd expect

Not sure about this photo. There's nobody in it.

Spotter's Badge: Sonya


Unknown said...

There's a handsome woman innit. I am not sure whether she's breaking in or out though.

Robin of Locksley said...

She's apparently well known to some of the commenters, who are not exactly supportive.

Graham - in reading said...

I noticed that Robin. She's not a popular lady is she.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Whose idea was it for her to put on sexy camouflage gear and pretend to be a burglar?

Whoever it was deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for something or other.

Anonymous said...

"Nobel Peace Prize for something or other"?
The Peace Prize is supposed to be for peace.
Other Nobel Prizes are available. Physique-Ogle-ly?