Saturday, December 17, 2016

Overgrown bushes anger

Andover Advertiser: Old boy wants the council to do something about these bushes

Which are not on council land and are not council responsibility. But something must be done. By the council.

Spotter's Badge: Martin


Anonymous said...

His wife must be as wide as a bus then - they don't look too bad & as for not knowing where to put all the rubbish? Now that is a real mystery

N E Juan 4 dull ITV sitcom said...

“I’d do it myself but I don’t know where to put all the rubbish.” says man impersonating John Wells doing an impersonation of Denis Thatcher. We know where he can put the rubbish, don't we?

Unknown said...

Reading about these angry people beats the heck out of facing up to the endless and nonsensical Trump "news." Thanks to Scary for the diversion.

Anonymous said...

“One of our engineers has now been out and spoken to the homeowner who will arrange for the vegetation overhanging the footpath to be cut back."

He asked the council to do something, they did and still he complains?!