Saturday, September 26, 2015

Sunday trading anger

Great Yarmouth Mercury: Vicar pickets MP's office over plans to relax Sunday trading laws

By coincidence, that's also the title of the next Florence and the Machine album.

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't work out how to comment on the OP so I'm afraid that I will have to vent my spleen here.

Really Rev. Rog. no one cares what your imaginary friend thinks about Sunday trading, this argument happened 25 years ago and your side lost. In any case, don't you even read the Bible? You know, that big fat book from which you get all of your absurd delusions? The day that you are forbidden from doing the slightest bit of work on is Saturday, and the penalty for even the tiniest infringement of this absurd rule is death by stoning. This is what you should be getting people to agree with before they sign your petition. Seriously, how many takers do you think that you would get if, for once in your life you were totally honest?


Robin of Locksley said...

something something right justification something